All gone, please close

Codes are gone, thanks.

Hold one of those for me, please…

One card on hold for spenzalii. Let me know when you’re ready.

what exactly are u selling? Sorry but I just cant comprehend what it is. :wonder:

1 year subscription to Playstation +, gives you discounts on select playstation network games, access to free games while you’re a + member, early access to demos, 1 hour trials of full games, cloud storage of game saves, auto updates for games.

I see, thanks for that. you’re selling a “playstation plus” subscription. I didnt know what that was. LOL . Now I do.

One code sold, the other on hold for spenzalii

Thanks you my man. PM me and we will get this worked out today or tomorrow

PM’d. OP edited, got one more card for sale. Decided I don’t need 3 years of this myself if a new PS3 is due around 2013.

So we’re paying for a code that gives 1 year PSN+ ? If that is correct, shoot me a PM, I’ll take it.

All codes given out, thanks.