All gone

All gone. Please lock.

HRAP3 price drop, $90 shipped.


Added VSHG.

Your inbox is full of messages. I’ll send you a PM for the HRAP. I’m very interested.

Sorry my inbox was full. I cleared it.

Interested in 360 PCBs, PM’d :smiley:


360 pcbs are sold.

how much to ship to New Zealand?

This is for the VSHG?

Probably a lot. This is heavy so I’d like to keep shipping to domestic U.S. unless you want to pay actual shipping charges. If so, then say $180+actual shipping. Let me know if you’re serious about buying it and I’ll get an estimate.

Sorry, the $90 price was for the HRAP3 that I sold. I just reused an older thread for this.

accidental double post.

price drop.

price drop.

price drop.

I am interested in it. PM send.

Still available. Another price drop.