All Grooves Unite!........FIGHT!

Multiple Groove Users should have a thread…for people who use more than 1…all of them even…just share your strats and opinions on what each groove has to offer,counter strats,and if playing more than 1 groove really helps??? This can be beneficial for all who like to have other routes in their fighting style.


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Its definately a benefit to have some experience with all the grooves. That way you can find out what you rely on most in a certain groove, so when you face others they might be reliant on the same thing. Example -

C groove air blocking. If you know how to use it, its really useful. If you know how it works, you know how to stop it or even punish it.

A groove set ups. There’s a lot of them. Knowing them is half the battle.

P groove parrying. If you know how to parry, then you should know in what ways you’ve been punished by attempting a parry. Apply those to when you yourself face P groovers.

S groove dodges! Really annoying if done correctly. If you don’t know how to dodge you won’t know how to stop it if someone knows when is a good time to use it, in addition to dodge attacks.

N groove counter movement. If you’ve played the groove, you know that a person who has broken a stock with two bars remaining can get a free super on you if you get caught sleeping during a pressure string. I’ve learned how to incorporate it into my game (a bit) along with smartening up by lessening the heavy recovery moves to prevent a counter movement into bnb.

K groove just defend. I don’t know what to do to a K groover on wake up. :sad:

Throw them

quick question. do you guys feel groove’s counter each other (excluding the obvious a sak vs k or p)? for instance, i’ve heard lots of people say c counters n, when personally i don’t see it. i hate hearing that crap. just wanted someone else’s opinion.

and btw, i’m dying to see a good s groove player. never seen a single video in my life.

Grooves don’t specifically counter each other. There are just counter characters (characters included a player selected and a groove) eg A-Sak counters K-Anyone. This can then be generalised to say A counters K, but this won’t always hold true. It’s better to learn which characters counters others rather than what groove-entity counters other groove-entities.

I hear a lot about Dr.B and a few other players, but I also have never seen a good S-Groove vid in my life. Links please :D.

I use four grooves: P, K, C and N although I’ve been using C less and less. My best is probably K-groove. As soon as I’m in K-groove I seem to naturally play better, become more bold and I JD a lot. Whereas in P-groove, I have to think about my moves which slows my play a lot more. I have no run and usually have to think before closing the gap. Also, parrying requires a fair bit of predicting and if you miss you can be totally screwed and therefore I pour more thinking time into P-groove.
Over the last few days Ive been using N-groove. I prefer it to C-groove now because of small jump and run. I still havent learnt to use counter-movement properly. Plus N-groove always seems to have a lvl 1 ready and I use Chun now. I have now gone N-groove Chun mad as Ive learnt my first proper combo being cr.WP x2 ? cr.MP-? Kick super. Yey! :clap: :clap: :clap:

i play all grooves, but my S and N teams are kinda sucky so =/

Anyway, my best would be C or P, Im pretty good at late airblocking, etc. and when my gaurd bar is almost crushed in P I always get some parry into super with Cammy hurray! more luck, then skills, but I got some execution to back it up :wink: However my A-sakura fucks up alot, and I havent played K-groove for like 6 months and I couldnt JD for shit =/

Hmm, ok, well, Dr.B knows I play alot of grooves, so I hope to be reliable.

Vs. A:
Since I know all the setups for every character, when I notice a setup, I bait the activation and jump out of the way. Then let the meter bleed.

Vs. C:
Just don’t get hit with anything comboable(?). Just wait for the usual setups, bait, counter. Pressure them to do something random. Also, its better to rushdown when they don’t have any levels because you build meter faster then the opponent does as long as you keep landing hits.

Vs. S:
It’s all about the Dodge counters…Just learn the range and height that they attack at and poke out of that area. Everything else in S is basic random and baiting. Dodge counters are what fuck people up.

Vs. K:
When you get a life lead, don’t attack at all. Therefore they can’t get meter. Mixup the AA’s, like, don’t try to AA with Tiger Uppercut all day. Do TU once, then do like, st. jab, they JD, run behind and under, Tiger Uppercut.

Little trick vs. K:
Jumping short xx divekick…
Make sure the short hits the opponent at the bottom, the divekick goes under them. Either they JD and miss the counter hit, or they get AA’d.

Vs. Small jump grooves:
Always beat the small jump. When the opponent realizes you keep beating the small jump, they stop doing it and now your playing a C groove type of fight.

Vs. P:

Mixup everything. Mixup the wakeup attacks you use, the st. crap you use. EVERYTHING. Don’t even use commonly used combos unless you have a clear hit.

The reason I don’t play P as much as K-groove is because I’m not selective enough with my parries. I have two mindsets: parry everthign and parry! And neither of them work. This is why I find it much easier to JD I do a lot of them on reaction as well as prediction. If I miss so what? I block. Also, I don’t have to guess at to whether the attack is high or low as I JD low all the time.
Because I don play K and p grooves myself I know how to counter them pretty well. Generally, emty jump-ins and throw work a lot better against these two grooves than any other groove (I don’t know about S as I’ve never played someone who uses it properly).

PS: happy B-day old man LG!

Dr.B yo.

I use K, S and sometimes P

I play on Xbox, so the competition usuaslly isnt as good as arcades…but…

It awesome to know P cause people on Xbox like to abuse the cancel any move to Super. That’s cheap shit. buuuttt since people like to abuse it, it’s good to know that they will. That and P-Shotos like to do the anti-air parry -> shoryuken, so an empty jump -> throw is always a good spit in the face to them for trying to be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing S…well…few people use it…but when they do it’s nice to be able to anticipate their dodges and throw accordingly. Not only that, but if they lose to my K, then my S ususally gets 'em :badboy:

And for K…well, it’s good to be able to watch out for certain small jumps, and some people get real jittery when raged and like to throw out stupid Supers.

I will be releasing S groove match vids…and some EVo2k2 match footage as well as some Nor Cal vids and even better Evo2k4 footage…Im waiting on 86 to give me that and I’m looking for a friend with a capture card to upload some of my vhs footage to the pc…Thanks for your patience guys…Ill post it in the S groove thread prolly or make a new one for it…Live and let die!!!


hey dr.b I got the footage of you vs Daigo, you vs Dj-b13 or BAS idunno nemore and you vs KSK however that isnt an S-groove match If you need em, just hit me up man, i’ll send em to ya =)

I would like 2 see 1 of those vids. I feel like a loner in the S-Groove world. Kind of like Terry in Fatal Fury without a girlfriend :shake: Damn, I love these smilies.

I play K,P,C,S grooves, but K is my best.

Im just looking for what you’re supposed to do in P,C, and S grooves so I can get better in those grooves.

If it would help my teams are
K-Cammy, Rock/Sagat, Blanka r2
P-Sagat, Blanka, Cammy r2 (top tier whore)
C-Rolento, Guile, Sagat r2
S-Ryu, Blanka, Sagat r2

So if anyone, especially Dr.B (for S groove) can help out with any of the grooves as in what you’re supposed to do, I’d greatly appreciate it.

for anyone who wants those matches: hit me up on aim: dormdormain