All he wanted was a cheeseburger




fuck you I was gonna post this XD



‘I have some.’


Who the fuck snaps over a fucking cheesburger? flails arms




lmao…epic; talkin’ all that shit then gets pwned by a scrawny wrassler, never count out the little guy. God, I miss my home state.


Funny, but I don’t know quite what to say. Lol


LOL definitely my favorite part. :rofl:


That scrawny guy is going to be the new Royce Gracie


Fatty, without all that plastic bling reminds me of Guile from SF: Later Years, both have some tie with meat sandwiched between buns. When Scrawny slipped his grip and Fatty took the chance to grab him I died when he flopped over onto a pseudo-headstand for like 2 seconds.


that dude hungry

where are the damn police already??? hahaha