All-Inclusive vacations?

Has anyone here ever been on an all-inclusive vacation?

I’m looking to try and take a vacation this summer and an all-inclusive seems like the best thing to do. All your meals and drinks are included, which is a plus for me cuz I’ll likely be drinking a good portion of the time.

Anyways, how was it? Can you make any recommendations on where to go? What should I know before hand? Reviews? I’ve never been on one, so any info would be appreciated.

I looked into Sandals and it was waaaay to expensive. I found a few through searching on the internet that are more reasonable and seem pretty decent on their website. I live in Miami, FL so it seems the Caribbean or Mexico are the likely destinations.


I’ve been on three… none were cheap, and none were worth it.

  1. France / Monaco / Italy - $4500, 2 weeks, 4 meals were NOT included, meaning all the rest were.
    The restaurants were shitty, the tour guides didn’t really speak English well, and one of the excursions, the bus driver got lost and thus delayed our second excursion for the day.

  2. Disney World. After doing the math, we lost about $1,000 if we had just done the booking ourselves.

  3. I don’t know this one, I was too young, but my parents complained about it forever… then we went to Disney World… derrr

I don’t recall all the booking agencies, but the Europe one was through some European company over in Italy.

From my experience the only all-inclusive deals were cruises.

Damn, that sucks. It sounded like a great deal, I guess I’ll have to reconsider and just go the conventional route. Why weren’t those 4 meals included? Just out of curiosity. This is the place I was looking at

For two people, arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday, it came out to $550 but it does not include airfare. That’s the cheapest I’ve found so far.

Yeah cruises seem to be amazing for the kind of trip I’d want. But I’ve had a bad experience on about a 50-foot boat, and got extremely sea sick, it was probably the worst I’ve ever felt. So I’m pretty scared to go on a cruise and risk being stuck out there. Though everyone says since the ship is so big you won’t feel it.

They didn’t include Sat/Sunday for 3 meals… Just a Brunch/dinner

Also, I’ve been on a cruise, and I didn’t even think about it… They’re fucking awesome.

The boat I was on (Celebrity Cruises, Zenith in 2002) was fantastic, and I didn’t even realize I was on a ship unless I looked overboard.

Depends where you go. Most of the ones to the Caribbean are pretty decent. The best ones (value-for-money wise) are usually in Cuba. I’ve been a few times and the most expensive one was about $800 after taxes for 10-days all inclusive: flight, room, food, booze, etc. When you get to the resort, there are lots of other activities where you’d have to pay extra (snorkeling, deep sea diving/fishing) but they’re worth it. The rooms are usually not as good as you’d think, but hey, you’re only gonna be spending any time in it to sleep. The food quality varies depending on the resort, I remember one I went to where the buffet was particularly bad. I ended up eating at their snack bar the entire trip because it turns out they had amazing burgers and hot dogs.

If you’re from the US, don’t discount Cuba as a choice, you just gotta go through Canada to get there. The beaches are amazing and the people are great.

I know in vancouver you can get all inclusive to mexico for 1k.

I went on an all-inclusive in Cancun like 3 years ago, it was totally worth it. Food, drinks, beach, massage, great service. Of course I still tipped everywhere, but I still think I ended up saving money, since all I ate was ribeye steaks, really good seafood, and top shelf drinks.