All is Fighter - Supplement to SRK


I urge everyone to join this site.

This can be a supplement to SRK

these are the same people that brought


looks more like a ripoff than a supplement.


smash players + = SRK’s new nemesis.


thanks but no thanks.


Honestly, this site is just to add SF4 attention to smash.


Ouch. A lot of hate, here, but I can see why.

I think it was made for those members who play smash, but are too afraid and what not about trying to get into a hardcore community.

That’s just my two cents, though.


Meh…All is Fighter has nothing to do with Smash Bros., so bringing up that the “All is” family of website stems from that has nothing to do with why someone would join the site.

It’s not the SRK forums, just as the smashboards aren’t the same as All is Brawl. One is for discussion of the metagame, while the other is a social networking site that’s also helpful in keeping up to date on the competitive scene on a national scale.

Not to mention, you get to know the community very, very well through the “All is” sites, so this addition has me pretty happy.

Forget about smash and realize that the website is indeed for and about street fighter. Also, who cares what one person says about brawl VS street fighter in a blog of theirs’ xD…

It’s a blog.
By one person…lol.


I know I want to socially network with the people running this tournament…

I think everyone gets the know the community well enough through SRK. There’s regional sections, matchmaking sections, and event sections. Hell, if you wanna see pictures of the ugly ass mofos that play these games, you can do that too here.


yes, and they lurk about in the wee hours of the morning to steal small childrens’ breakfast cereal too i heard


damn if we can use AVs like that maybe I will check the forum out! :rofl:


lol at all the hate.

Do we, smash players, really think that? REALLY

I highly doubt it. What we want is some respect. And whenever we try to become part of the competitive fighting game community we get shit on like this. I mean Evo won’t even respect our choice in rules on how to play. I have met some really nice people on SRK though, that have helped me out on here.

Also, AllisFighting is not a smash site. It is a “family” site of another smash site.

The End.


Ya, coming from someone who did play Melee competitively, the site is mostly gonna be people who are afraid of you srk guys. We hear scary things. :frowning:



haha, most unheard of tournament organizers aren’t going to get good turnouts for the most part anyway…lol at that tournament though xD.

I guess some people like the particular setup of Nealdt’s particular social networking layout. Nevertheless, SRK is the superior place for information and metagame discussion…states the obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair, it was pretty obviously unwise to just show up and advertise it here of all places and not expect this sort of reaction, lol.


You are correct there. lol

As shown with SWF and AiB: One can be for information use and discussion, and the other for networking, hosting, and advertising tournaments.
I’m not saying that’s what AllIsFighting is going to do with SRK, but it could happen. (I am agreeing with Iwan, and stating what has happened.)


The concept of making All is Fighter as a social networking web site based around Street Fighter is a good way of unifying growing Internet player base of the Street Fighter. The only flaw with the site is that since it originated from a Smash community, the web site lacks leadership and knowledge from veteran tournament players. There is practically no one with a credible name to give the RIGHT advice to a legion of new players that stem from the Smash community.

I’m a member of AiF, but it’s really hard to convince everyone that Ken is NOT better than Ryu and that no one should start playing Zangief as their first Street Fighter character EVER.


Veerrry legit point. That’s why the pros from SRK should join, they’d be respected in their ideas and tournys and stuff.

And although people on the site don’t have SF tourny holding experience, they do have experience in holding very large tournaments, so that’s not too much of a worry. And a fourth or so of the tournys held are mutligames.


I hate to be the typical “fuck smash” srk kinda guy, but I always heard that smash players won’t listen to you unless you’re a big name, so not surprising. I’d rather avoid nuthuggers like that. There’s enough of them on SRK already.

Also, Gief is an easy character in 4 :wonder:


It doesn’t look like a bad site. If it grows out more, I might join in.