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Also, I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX that is in very nice condition.
It is currently modded with 6 PS-14-KN 30mm (clear/white) and a Seimitsu LB-39 Clear Joystick Ball Top (also Clear/white). The two buttons farthest right in each row are the original Hori buttons. I will include two hole plugs for those who want to turn it into a 6 button stick.

Stick is slightly used, but in great condition. I removed the clear film cover from the faceplate because it was all bubbled up when I received it from Amazon, and I felt that it really made the stick look bad.

Comes with the retail box.

Asking $190 shipped

Paypal only please. Lower 48 states only. No international shipping, sorry.
Items will ship ASAP. Likely next day after payment is made.

SOLD-Thanks for stopping by


Bump- Decided to put the HRAP EX up for sale, and both items now have shipping included in their prices.


Bump- Price lowered.

Hori EX2- $75 shipped

Modded HRAP EX: $215 shipped


Bump- Prices lowered.

Hori EX-2 $70 shipped

Would really really like to sell these two items. Both work great, and both look great too. Used very very little.


wow, wish i had the money


Bump- Pic of the HRAP EX added. Sorry for the poor quality, it is just a webcam.

Small price drop on the HRAP EX. Current price $200.

the hori EX2 is just a standard EX2, probably won’t add a picture up.


Hi, this might be a noob question, but are these for the xbox 360?


Yeah, the EX in the stick’s name means it’s for the Xbox.

HRAP EX: Xbox 360
HRAP 3: Playstation 3


Final Bump for a while-About as good as the deal is going to get. The new prices beat anything I’ve seen going around, including ebay.

Hori EX2- $60 shipped

Modded HRAP EX- $190

Don’t miss out.


I’ll take the EX2. I live in western MA, but it’s just a bit too far to drive, but shipping should be cheaper. PM me with paypal address.


Ex2 on hold pending payment.


Paid. Also sent you a corrected shipping address via PM.


EX2 Sold. HRAP EX still available for $190 shipped.




ditto, PM’d


HRAP EX Stick sold. Thanks for shopping :slight_smile: