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Well you can have amp up customs make u a replacement panel just hit up @“B-boy Tekken” to help out

Bump for new wtbs.

Pm sent

Cool. Pm replied. Still looking for more gamerfinger buttons and a v.s. stick. Also, I’m adding a WTT item for 2 FC4 controllers. In first post.


PM sent.

HRAP Shell being trade. Still looking for Madcatz VS Fightstick.

Hmmm I may be getting a v.s. stick soon from a local I’ll let you know what’s up since I do have 2 of then already

lmk if you would be willing to sell the monitor. If so it would be shipped to 77065

I may have literally a vs shell to sell too. Not sure but will know soon in the next day.

the VS stick…does it matter what system it’s for?
i have STxTekken vs stick if you still need it.

I can sell it for $150 shipped.

No. System does not matter. I have ton of pcbs that I will install it in all already.

well…let me know if you want it. I’m gonna be playing SF4 on my ps4 from now on so it might start collecting dust

Received payment. Will have the stick shipped out today