All items sold!


This is my Xbox 360 Madcatz SE. It has been fully Sanwa Modded. The joystick is a JLF with a square gate and the buttons are Sanwa screw in type. The stick has been lightly used and everything is functional. The last two buttons have been removed and the holes are covered by the Vewlix art I put on it.

This was my first attempt at putting art on an SE. I had the artwork printed at Kinko’s with lamilabel and attached it myself. The art did not come out quite how I wanted it but overall I got used to it. I have tried to include as many pics as I could with different angles so you can see the stick.

This item comes with the original SE box and headset adapter and fight card.


Madcatz TE Faceplate

This is basically the faceplay taken off the original Madcatz TE. It includes the metal plate and art on top. No screws or nuts are included. I will also include the bezel if needed.


Complete Set of SSF4 Thumb Fighters

These are the Gamestop exclusives they gave away for pre-ordering SSF4. I have all 4 sets and will only sell them as a bundle. They have never been taken out of the package or used.


Price drop on SE

Paypal payment sent for the TE faceplate + bezel

LOL damn.

If somehow that payment falls through and the deal falls through, I’d love that faceplate.

Sorry but the payment has gone through.

Still looking for a buyer on the SE and Thumb fighters.

that is a sexy SE. If it was for PS3 I’d be all over it.

I sent you a pm OP but my inbox was full. It’s empty now.

Price drop on thumb fighters

I’ll take the thumb fighters, lol
PM sent

Final price drop before I sell the SE locally. $65 shipped to USA.

International buyers will have to pay more as shipping is more expensive.

I want the viewlix mockup, will PM you now OP.