All items sold


ALL SOLD. Thank you


I will offer to print the art out for you and attach it underneath the plexi. No problem =)


Make me an offer.


Parting out.


Updated some pricing. Voltech box is now $80 shipped.


I’m curious why I can see an 8button vewlix like…outlining? But the case only has a 6 button plexi. If one were to get an 8button plexi…would that convert it to an 8 button stick?

And did you paint the stick yourself? Or did voltech ship it like that?


PM sent Mexicant. The last two holes can be drilled out on the plexi to use for a 8 button set up.




hey ill buy that joystick off you 11 bucks shipped? pm me your info


Sending deposit…Sorry for the holdup!

Case is dope though…