All-knowing SRK, I need a new laptop


…mine is taking a shit on me. I don’t have the knowledge to confidently go out and buy a quality laptop, so I’m asking for your help. I’m not an online gamer so I don’t need a beast machine. I want something light weight with good battery life because I’m on the move with it a lot. I play online poker and I don’t want to have to squint to read chip counts and bets and shit, so I’m looking for something medium sized. Money really isn’t an issue, I just want quality.

I’ve never owned or really messed with a Mac, but I’m open to it, if it is recommended. If not a Mac, what OS do people recommend these days? How’s 7?

I appreciate the help, SRK.


If you can hold out for a very short time, you should take a look at the Acer TimelineX series.

Acer is claiming 8-12 hours of battery life with a core i5 or i7 processor and an ATI switchable 5470 or 5650 gpu. They use LED backlit screens, have multitouch trackpads, and are generally solidly performing beasts. I think there’s options for a 13.3, 14, and 15.6 in model.

I’m probably going to snag the 14" for my next laptop.


i would recommend the m11x , basically a 11in notebook that can play sf4 in high settings and it seriously stays minty cool after like 3 hours of gaming. Also its only like 800$ for the basic model. 2hours of gaming on battery and 6hrs on regular use.


Any ASUS Eee either with the N450 Atom or Ion platform. These netbooks will give you 11 hours of battery life, which is a little bit insane. The Ion Eees are 12" netbooks (an inch smaller than the MacBook) while most of the N450 Atom CPU are 10".

This is the Ion one.

This is a N450 one.


Hey guys I just woke up, thanks for you suggestions! I’m checking them out now.

ComradeTao, when is the TimelineX series released?


About 2 years ago I used to be a Windows user and ended up purchasing a MacBook Aluminum. I love the aluminum casing because it is really durable and the OS never crashes. A gaming laptop is nice but you must remember that in a few years the money you put into a gaming laptop will not be good enough to run the latest PC games.

I would purchase a Mac and you can install windows 7 on it too. I think it is a better investment and you will get the best of both worlds and you will have fun using a different operating system as opposed to using windows only.


Look into a Macbook Pro 13 inch. I have it, and I think it is the best computer I have ever had. Of course Apple is rumored to be releasing a new version in the near future.


TimelineX should be out this month. I’ve been keeping tabs on it for a little while.

BTW. the 5650 ATI card in the timeline is about 10-15% faster than the alienware and the processor in it is the “i” series from intel. The alienware still uses the core 2 duo ULV (weak). The only upside to the alienware is the size (if you’re into 11in notebooks).

Also, Windows 7 is awesome. I’ve been using MACos, osx, linux, and windows since 3.1 and windows 7 is my favorite OS yet.


HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR
is a decent laptop that has what you need to game and is semi-future proof

windows 7 64bit
i3 processor (2.26)
4 gig DDR3 RAM
15" screen 1366 x 768
500 gig HDD (7200 rpm)
3.5 hour battery life
wireless b/g/n
VGA output

all that for around $650 and were talking about a great deal for a laptop

thats what i would recommend anyways

EDIT: i dont know if those specs will run sf4 at high settings…sorry. i have it for the ps3


I’d also go with the core i7 or a mac, but if you wanna go cheaper in price:

Acer Aspire AS5517-5671 NoteBook AMD Athlon 64 TF-20(1.60GHz)
15.6" 3GB Memory DDR2 667 160GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super
Comes with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system
349.99 @ newegg


Thanks for the help guys! I’m researching all your suggestions.


dont buy a HP, it has terrible cooling system. All my HP laptop heats up like a mofo even when its on regular use (internet, words, etc).


I’d suggest this:

supposed 12 hours of battery life, 14" screen, windows 7. This machine is pretty powerful too as it looks like it can switch from its dedicated graphics card to integraded (saving battery life). Asus is also a very good company imo. have had 3 laptops from them and all were of great quality.

i would advise AGAINST a netbook if its going to be your main computer. I’ve been stuck with an asus eee pc for about 3 months now and its lack of power to do some mundane things on the internet is pretty annoying. it lagged while playing online poker on facebook, but i cant fault it for that because its not meant to handle much graphics if any.


Your requirements are pretty vague. Check out HP Pavilion TM2-1010EA. I consider it a good all-rounder.


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10 inch netbooks are the best, imo. Either Toshiba or HP, it really doesnt matter. Battery life is long and they are pretty damn portable. You’re looking at spending around $400.

But, I read somewhere that there will be dual core netbooks in the future, which would be fantastic if it’s actually true.


i just bought a mac book pro about a month ago and i love it. best laptop i ever had.


i dont work for hp, but my 3 laptops from them in the past (1 for my brother, and 2 for me) have been rock solid. battery replacement after a year and a half, but the machine runs just fine

i would personally trust an hp, a macbook pro, an asus, and maybe an alienware (maybe). aside from those, i dont have any experience. im sure whatever you go with, if its around the specs listed, will serve you just fine dood :wonder: