All Known Kaillera Clans


These are all the kaillera teams/clans that I can think of that ever existed. Anyone wanna help me out to get the ones that im missing.

The X-Team
Z Clan
Dark Addictz
Eternal Dragons
Dragon Roll
Dark Knights
Holy Knights
A&T (Ass N Titties)
Team Capcom
Team Marvel
Team Maniak
Team Evolution
Team Exedo
Blood Assasins
Chaos Core
Marvel Knights
Axem Rangers
Ninja Masters
Team Yashida
1 Asian clan that I cant remember anymore.

Heres the List of Leaders from these clans.

X-Team ----------- Blast-The-Speakers
K2o -------------- Vice Versa & Chinkpac
Eternal Dragons – Azure
Dark Addictz ----- Blazed $ Sinala
Devils and A&T — Sk8terfox
G-Unit ----------- Max
Everifighters ---- Darkcloud
Enderz ----------- Ruff
Team Evolution — JJ & Cbyer
Team Maniak ------ Rockwell and LAngel (not sure)
Cypher ----------- KoKo
Overdrive06 ------ Qwazy
Tetsujin --------- Fallen (He kept changing his name I think)
Z Clan ----------- Zero
Marvel Knights — J.Rhodes
Chaos Core ------- Evil Akuma

I was just wondering, People who post here, which clan are u in or what clan have you been in before.


Lol, Why cant u leave enderz.


I’m In Team Evolution (KoF clan). You’re missing Team Maniak, which is also a KoF clan. Both clans have some incredibly good KoF2k2 players (YASHIRO-KAILLERA for one).


Oh yeah, I forgot about that team, Like I said, I cant rememeber all the teams but its fun looking back about 6 years.


Why do ppl join these clans?


I just remembered one of the clans which was in the Asian kaillera servers when it barely started, it was the Yashida clan. Wow, i cant believe i still remember that.

Anyways, people join clans because they eeemmm uuuhhh because I mmmmmmmm eeeeehhhh uuuhhhhh, hhhmmm actually I dont know why, lol. Maybe it makes people feel more social over the internet or something like that. Maybe they are bored of their friends from life outside the internet and decide to get new friends online or something, I really dont know. Maybe a clan memeber knows the answer. :rolleyes:


Well I don’t know about those MvC clans, but the Team Evolution/Team Maniak clans consist of mainly mexican players who knew each other quite well…it’s more of a friend’s thing than competition.

Edit: There’s also Team Exedo but I haven’t seen them around. Perhaps they only hang around mexican servers. I do know that pepe maniak is in Team Exedo, among a few others from Team Maniak (Watty2k2, Kusanagysan). I have one of Team Exedo’s combo videos too…


Im in -=X=- You forgot that clan that georgie0 was in. He was a real good ROTD competitor. I miss the good ole’ days of kaillera. One of the best kof 2k2 players was elmers. He first introduced me to it, Too bad he didnt win that kof tourney. But ioriyk was good too. There were some other ones, Slide you know them dont you?

Edit:Nvm it was shadowblade.


HeHe Shadowblade already on the list. Yeah, IoriYk is pretty tough.


Dragon (forgot who founded it, but Azure was leader)
Dragon Roll (merger between Dragon and egg roll)

This clan existed in the hay days of the fugu server. Was x-team’s main competition at the time. Skills aside, it seemed X-team was full of 8-9 yr olds, while DR had more mature gamers.


I Actually dont remember Dragon Roll but ill add it anyways. So far the only team leaders I can remember are these.

X-Team ----------- Blast-The-Speakers
K2o -------------- Chinkpac
Eternal Dragons – Azure
Dark Addictz ----- Blazed (Not Sure)
Devils ----------- Sk8terfox
Everifighters ---- Darkcloud
Enderz ----------- Ruff
Cypher ----------- KoKo
Overdrive06 ------ Qwazy
Kinjutsu --------- Fallen (He kept changing his name)

Those are the only leaders I can think of right now. :xeye:


best clans were x team, everfighters, and dragons, all the rest are/were gay.


Well considering that the Everfighters and the Dragons consisted mostly of EX X-Team members, that only means that the X-Team might have been the best team so far. Still though, The dark Addictz were pretty tough as well, especially Sk8terfox. Every other clans were so-so and they either sucked or didnt last very long.


Isn’t dios x in the x clan and I know sinlias or whatever his name is, is the co leader of the DA. Another member of the DA who post on SRK is orignal DA of the DA

anyway clans are shit the only true reason anyone joined them were to just get better at the damn game. None of the a3 or ssf2 players have clans cause they don’t belive in clans. It was mostly either the marvel players or kof players who were in that shit. Even Today I am not joining a clan. If I Do Join a clan or group it will be a local one instead of a online one.


I’d just like to add, K2o is the stupidest name you can have for a clan, the name only owns when you can actually own people. Next time you play them and win convincingly, tell them you are known to own k2o.

Only if you equate size with greatness. X-team was no doubt the biggest back in the days with a website that has rankings and everything, but that was pretty much the only thing that set it apart, size. They put a lot of effort into advertising, and the fact many players had -x- tags made them more noticibles to kaillera newbies. But having so many players leaving and went on to create successful clans only means the clan itself doesn’t have holding power. Besides the core few, many x team players are mostly newbies, while other clans’ membership quality are higher.


Yeah most k2o member are idiots and lose most of the time. I have like so many screenshots of me owning them, that it aint funny. I never have been or will ever be in a clan and if i ever join a clan, it means I was forced to, lol. Ive been asked to join clans before, Once for Overdrive06,once for The X team, and Koko even asked me twice and I declined as usual. All I know is that clans begin alright but they always end up being screwed up by someone in the clan or they just dont get along very well. Its as if people in clans think they are all hard when they are in clans, which is a bad thing. The only clan that I ever thought about joining was The Dragons because they had mvc tournaments going on about every 2 weeks. But of course, I didnt join because I noticed they were all jackasses with their (Im a god at MVC Attitudes). Kinda like what King Wakka and some others in kaillera say most of the time.


Your wrong, Chinpak was the leader of k2o. I used to be in that, I was the best kof player in there. And that was at a time when I sucked at it! I left that shit and went for -=X=- But im not really much of a mvc player. Is ruff the one who used to be in X?


I think Vice and Chink are ‘Co-leaders’.

Kwaza, Sk8terfox was also the leader of AnT although there was only ever really three people in it (me, 2nice and fox).


Yeah but what about them?


You were one of the best kof players? What was your kaillera name?

As for clan leaders, JJ and Cbyer are leaders of Team Evolution (JJ for Evo North, Cbyer for Evo South). For Team Maniak, I think that’s Rockwell and LAngel (not positive).