All moves Juggle Potential

Does Blanka’s electricity cause some sort of unique knockdown state? It’s the only move I know of, other than guard cancel attacks, where it is arbitrarily impossible to juggle off the knockdown.

Dhalsim’s EX Yoga Flame and Ryu’s EX Shoryuken have similar traits.

updated with Akumas stuff,

IIRC, 2nd hit of cl.HK is JA2 in v.2013. Also, you should test demon flip palm and demon flip dive kick. IIRC, one of them had more JA than the other. I might just remember that incorrectly though. You should be able to land them both by cancelling into demon flip from cl.HKs ground bounce.

Yea, Akuma’s cl.HK has JA2 for 2nd hit, though it has JA1 when it’s Boost version.

Demon Flip Palm and dive kick should be correct.

I had an attempt at creating a BAC reader just for Juggle Potential and Juggle Add. As I only had a small time to work on it, the code is dirty and you have to identify which ones are the correct data and which ones are not as I didn’t clean up anything :p. I used net framework 4.5 so you would need that too to run this:

Ok, I just thought I got different results with them when I was experimenting for my CV, but apparently not.

Looking at Bison’s data, I am wondering if I am doing this calculation correctly:
Starting juggle count: 0
Devil’s Reverse (mid air) - JP3 / JA3 (current juggle count: 3)
cls MP - JP2 / JA1 (current juggle count: miss?)
Far MP - JP2 / JA1 (current juggle count: miss?)
Far MK - JP2 / JA1 (current juggle count: miss?)
cr HK - JP3 / JA1 (current juggle count: miss?)

This juggle combo definitely works. Hell, you even see:
mid air Devil’s reverse, far mp, far mk, cr hk.

Unless I’m doing the calculation wrong, the only part of this juggle that would be legal with this data would be:
mid air Devil’s reverse, cr hk.

The “JA3” means that DURING a juggle, you’ll have 3 added to the count. However, when starting a juggle, it will always start at 1 (except for some cases when tag canceling).

In other words, if you somehow TC’d into Bison during a juggle and landed a Devil’s Reverse, the juggle counter would be incremented 3 times.

Here’s a breakdown:

Devil’s Reverse hits: Juggle starts at 1.
St. MP hits with JA1: 1 + 1 = 2.
St. MK hits with JA1: 2 + 1 = 3.
Cr. HK hits with JA1: 3 + 1 = 4. <- At this point, we have used up 3 JP.

FYI I haven’t forgotten about this, I just finished Ibuki. I just have a tendency to get bored of a project for a while before coming back to it lol.

Ibuki’s cr.HK should be JP2.

Thanks, she has so many moves that follow the standard “Light = JP1. Medium = JP2. Heavy = JP3” that I guess I just put it wrong out of habit.

You still didn’t edit Vega’s Scarlet Terror and Guy’s f+MP :wink:

I added JP and JA for Paul, Lei and Xiaoyu in the docs using the reader I posted above. I’m going to manually test them, but if you can compare them with Vanilla data that would be great (well, I know most of Paul’s special moves will be different, and I know Lei had some changes as well, so maybe comparing Xiaoyu’s moves other than Hakkesho + cr.HK, and Lei’s moves other than Orchid Palm + Dragon HP should be fine). If it turns out to be okay I might add them for the rest of the document.

I’ve already tested paul in v.2013. I was counting with lights as 2, mediums as 3 etc. though, so just remove a JP from everything and it will be correct: “Nothing like a good workout!” Paul Combos and Framedata (v2013)

Note that f.HP and MP Sway doesn’t connect on airborne, only ground bounce.

Can we do some testing with Bryan’s MP Fisherman’s Slam? Seems like it doesn’t increment the juggle counter, since after connecting it after an EX Snake Pit, he can still do Mid Kick to Rush.

Sure, sorry been a bit busy. PC Beta Skullgirls stealing my time :3

LP and EX versions increase juggle count, while MP and HP versions do not I believe.

Should we also include values for the juggle “start” for moves? On some moves that cause a float, the juggle points are set to a higher value than the standard. Examples are Steve’s counter-hit overhead, and Ryu’s normal Joudans; Steve’s counter-hit overhead sets the JP 1 higher than the standard (since you can’t connect with xx ducking, skyscraper after the ground bounce), and Ryu’s joudans seem to set the JP to 4 (I think, I couldn’t get anything to connect though I didn’t try super yet).

Not really a big thing, but it wouldn’t be a terrible thing to add in. Since this appears to be separate from the juggle “add” for moves (like Ryu’s Joudan, it doesn’t seem you can combo after it in the corner when done on a grounded opponent but you can on an opponent that’s already being juggled).

Ogre’s Snake Blade is another example - the juggles you can do after it seem to be one hit shorter than after Owl’s Hunt.

Anyone knows how many juggle points you got after Asuka ex falling rain?

I believe falling rain do not add any juggle point. It has juggle potential of 3 iirc