All MvC2 infinites


Just started playing MvC2 seriously, would like to know some infinites because there aren’t anymore threads around.


If you want to know infinites for virtually every character, go to and just look up the article for it. It should be there and it will list a whole bunch of them there. Of course there are some that won’t be included in there but if there is a specific one you want to know, list the character and maybe someone will post one on here but just making a thread this vague won’t get you very far.


Please, in the future, PLEASE do NOT send people to Gamefaqs it won’t solve any of their problems, probably just make them worse.



i agree with that. i dont know who wrote those faqs, but gamefaqs id not the place to go for mvc2 help.

i have combo vids on my computer that have about every possible infinate you could want and use in a real match.



Okay, okay. My bad. But the real point of my response aside from where to look for them was that he should be a little more specific but I didn’t know that a bad idea to send him to that site. At least I know now and sorry for the inconvenience but that was what came off the top of my head.

Oh yeah, and is there any possible way you could send me that vid or let me know where I can search? For some reason mIRC won’t work for me so if that is where you got it from, nevermind.


Thanks people. The only inifinite I can do at the moment is the Ironman <Psylocke AAA, [j.lp,,, j.up hp] repeat brackets.> How do you add the Proton Cannon at the end? Oh, and are there other infintes that are as easy as this?


For the Proton Cannon finisher at the end, you can do it a few different ways. After you get them in the corner with the infinite, you will want to speed up the repetition slightly but not so fast to where you can’t continue. Then as soon as you land, do a s.fpxxProton Cannon. I prefer this setup the most. The other way is you can just Proton Cannon after the u.fp but timing is a little tricky on this one.

On larger characters like Juggernaut, Hulk, etc., do a s.lp, c.mpxxProton Cannon. You can also add a Repulsor Blast in there if you want to. There are more but that’s all I can think of for now.

The next easy infinites I believe you should learn are the ones on Sentinel and quite a few characters have the same repetition of infinites on him. All you do is,, j.fp, ~ repeat. Timing varies for some but it’s not hard to adjust with practice. Characters that have this infinite are:

Strider Hiryu and some other low tiers but I can’t think of them all right now. Hope this helps.


Thanx. I’ll give it a try


you need to learn mag inf( ad lk,lk)


Magneto has so many infintes, if you take 5 of them away he will have like 14 left:eek: so the best one is the one that you can pull off out of any situation


you dont have to be in the corner for the proon cannon at the end of the infinite. you can add it in there at the end of any repitition.


if u want to do proton cannon mid screen after a rep of the infinite do a repulsar blast xx pc


or if you wast to be flashy you can add it in there with out the repulsor blast. but its entiry show. just drop them down in the infinate a little and make them land on it, rex is right, rb is the easier way.