ALL of Dormammu's Hit Boxes for ALL his attacks

I have UMvC3 for Vita and did a character specific for hit boxes so here is the link for Dormammu’s enjoy!!

Here are also replays of some fights. Some have Dorm some don’t.

Very much appreciated.

No J.S hitbox?

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lol those hitboxes are so fraudulent


Eh.I was expecting a lot worse. Most of these hitboxes make sense to me, not just for Dorm but for all characters.

u Zero user!

Crouching M is so sexy. I love how it has that little extension of the flame that has this huge bubble around it.

Yeah cr.M is nice, but I’m surprised how far back cr.H extends. Might try using it more as an anti-crossup against some characters.

lol at 3D’s hitbox.

And my suspicions are confirmed, Dorm is broken shit. The fuck am I looking at with these hitbubbles. STUPID STUPID STUPID. Seriously needs a nerf on his hitboxes. I hate dorm so much. Worse than Wesker. All of you Dorm players have given me an ulcer. Hope you’re proud of yourselves. /salt.

I expected them to be this big and cover that wide of an area.

I’ve been playing Marvel. Don’t know what the feck you’ve been playing.

3C 's Hitbox makes sense. In Vanilla I used to use it as part of an anti-teleport option select, and it would catch all kinds of stuff (especially Dante, since it covers flamehead’s flamehead pretty well). It’s still usable as an option-select, but nowhere near as good b/c of flame carpet nerf