All out or nothing 'mode'

Fellow vega players,

After 5~6k worth of games of using Vega exclusively, I realised that my evasion capabilities as a Vega user dramatically increased when I am down to a silver of life with opponent hovering at 50% or more hp. I find that I’ll plan moves 1-2steps ahead of time, use every single trick available on my book to dodge every incoming assault just to get a hit in.

If I’m able to play like this for the entire duration of the match it will help improve my vega matchups, sighz. This might be strange but I don’t get into this kind of ‘mode’ when I use other characters.

Anyone here has the same experience with vega?

one (sounds stupid) take of your mask when you play online. Your health is reduced and you take more damage. It will train you to play in this state, because you will die faster. you can also take out your claw which will reduce your attack damage making you rely on mobility and avoiding attacks. and it will help you enter this feral mode you speak of, which we all get.

two set the computer on hardest difficulty in training, and learn to run away from seth for x number of seconds with out getting hit. Learn from what you did and how you did it and when you apply it, simply try to implement a very “strict” restrictions. For example if all you did was flip then you wont gain anything from it because flip is easy to punish. But say you jump away, jump over, wall dive to saftey, etc. You get experince on how to do it and then implement it into your game plan when you play online. This in turn allows you to start doing it during pressure and once you got it down it becomes part of your fundamentals

Welcome to the exciting world of fighting game psychology! :angel:

Something to note is that most of the opponents you face will also start playing a little differently once they’ve reduced their opponent to only a sliver of life.

Another thing to be aware of is the flipside of that situation; YOU will probably be inclined to play differently when your opponent only has a sliver of life remaining, and HE will likely want to play differently when he only has a sliver of life remaining.

The combination scenario of those two sides is that you will both feel an urge to play differently against each other when you’re both down to just a sliver of life.

These changes in how people play may be subtle or major, but watching for them and trying to identify and adapt against those changes can bring you great rewards in tight situations. I believe that this is an important factor in being able to hold an advantage or make a comeback or steal a clutch victory. It is related to the ideas of controlling momentum (create, shift, and diffuse) and staying solid (mentally), especially under pressure.