All Players Of Dive Kick @ Evo 2K12, Come Here :) (Dive Kick Community Portal)

Whats goin down it’s yo boy Kdizzle AKA: Super Saiyan Kung Pao tryin to holla at all the hype players over at the dive kick booth.

Big shout outs to the developers and the entire staff that was at the booth. You all made it hype and worth while. I really wish I could have hung out more and met you all more personally.

But yeah: If you got video, pictures, facebooks etc, drop it here. Lets start the Kick Dive Community right here where it belongs!

I’ll start this up by saying Kung Pao = Top Tier :wink: If ya’ll was there, ya’ll know whats up heh heh.

I had a lot of fun playing it for the first time. I was under the impression that it was gonna be too silly to take seriously, but I was wrong by a long shot.

I wish I had more time to play Divekick. Game is too fucking hype.

Once I get the chance, I’ll upload some Divekick video that I took.

Thanks for my 13 win streak folks. Day 1 Oni with Dive is too strong.

I also like how everyone (except a few of you folks) ran to Dive during the tournament when you were CLEARLY running Wolvie or Mr.N on the winners stay on casuals.

I still love this game and everyone who played it though. Much love to the guy who got fraud detected by me and was too salty/heartbroken to get another stamp to even shake my hand.:shake:

Cool thread.

Cearly the hypest Evo DiveKick moment was from yours truly!


alright welcome everyone :smiley:

Shin, I remember you and your 13 win streak ha ha. I think your the one that took me out during the tournament. I wonder who won…

But yeah everyone, real hype stuff. I shoulda brought back up batteries so I could have had some videos of match ups lol. I bet Keits and Co. Got some. That one girl had her camera on almost the entire time.

lol keits. Did you get my email? I’m glad I coulda dropped that kung pao technology heh heh.

Do you already have an official dive kick fourm or community going on? If not, I’ll cause the hype for it for sure :wink:

The girl with the camera was filming mostly your faces and reactions, not gameplay.

I’m cool with just discussing the game here instead of moving offsite. There isn’t much there yet but you can follow our blog at for announcements and information about the project.

Please continue to spread the word about Kickstarter support. I think you’ll be really impressed with the finished game.

oooh well that makes sense ha ha. I know I’m gonna be impressed :smiley: I’m already highly impressed and really hype for it. Your gonna see some backing from me in the near future :smiley:

But please: No Maximum Spider, right? lol

Dive kick is the ultimate mind game. I especially enjoy having someone get the fraud stamp. Is it true that if you get three fraud stamps, the third one goes on your forehead?

Yes, this is true.

LMFAO ah man. I got my first on the forehead.

But you see, mine happened during the tournament. I deserved that.
I can already see Fraud Stamps given and taken as a stat to track online.
I gave 9 that day… I have the Chinese secret :wink:

Unless she’s changed since UFGT8/CEO, no she isn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I strongly endorse this thread. I’m even trying to figure out how to build several low-cost divekick boxes for tournament play once the game releases.

Mind you, this is a long shot, though. Those Pop’N Music buttons are $10 apiece… no lie. I’m hoping I can get it done, even if I have to throw two sanwas in a cigar box. :stuck_out_tongue:

The pop’n buttons are 10 dollars plus shipping and are hard to find domestically.

my 14 win streak and hidden tech would like to say other wise :slight_smile: but I heard she was “low tier”.

I decided to change that. :slight_smile:

thanks for the endorsement! :slight_smile:

Hey K it’s me if you remember me. I got a 12 streak and a lot of fraud stamps. I found this video.

I love Divekick!

Please support bringing the game to PC by becoming a backer at the Divekick Kickstarter (a.k.a. Divekickstarter).

ah hell yeah i remember you man! what was your name again? I’m super bad with names.

Good times right? I’m tellin you dawg: Dat Back Jump Technology