@all ps4 hitbox user - Input registry question (street fighter5)

it seems the brook converter and boards change the input registration in sf5 on the ps4
when you compare it with how inputs get registered on a keyboard or
my hitbox with a x360 fightpad board with sf5 on pc.

what i want to find out is if its a “issue” with the brook solutions or a general thing
on ps4.

when you have a ps4 compatible hitbox, can be even the original one.
please check these 3 things out and reply what results you had.
and please post which board/rigged pad you used for your hitbox

-what happens when you are holding back and forward button at the same time.

  • does a shoryuken comes out when you
    A: hold down the whole time, tapping forward twice and then punch ?
    B: holding forward, tapping down and pressing punch?

no one here with a ps4 comp hitbox who dont used the brook stuff?

I have a custom hitbox with a DS4 padhack. A and B both work.

thank you very much for the reply!
what do you get when you press forward and backward at the same time?

Cancels out the inputs, neutral position.

interesting. thx for the infos!

i hope some other people with other boards will reply here too.

no one else with a ps4 comp hitbox who dont used the brook stuff?

i use a hitbox wired up to the hori fighting commander PCB, no socd cleaning

323 still does DP (and not super), stick users can do this too and it should work no matter what you’re playing on

626 does do DP, but it’s much easier to just do 623 or 636.

thats the thing, with the brook adapter and board it doesnt work on a hitbox. thats why i ask you guys to see what
experience you made with other boards because i want to make my current hitbox ps4 comp.

the b version would be 636 at least it registers it that way.

do you get neutral too when you press forward and backward at the same time?

which one did you used?



huh. i can’t imagine why 323 wouldn’t work without some serious flaw that makes the converter unusable for normal play. maybe it’s doing something like operating both d-pad and analog stick at same time which makes sf5 behave oddly. tried hooking the brook up to PC and seeing what controller settings shows you?

i have the second hori FC. i believe i have the switch set to d-pad, but i’d have to open up the stick to double check.

left+right = whatever direction was pressed last.

crouching is where things get wacky:

down+left, then right = down+left
down+right, then left = down+left

left+up, then down = left+up
left+down, then up = left+up

not having proper socd cleaning is actually kinda annoying for this game because it will reject a QCF motion if there isn’t a clean 2 input (136 will give you HCF, but not QCF). i’m just too lazy to install mine lol.

thx for the info.
i tested the brook adapter on someone elses place on a ps4. it wasnt mine so i cant test it out on pc.
and the info about the brook universal board came from someone here on the forum.

so far the hfc seems to be the better choice to make my hitbox ps4 comp since the original pad
isnt that easy ti implement from what i read.
a dual mod fpr 360/ps4 would be great but i doubt i manage to do that…

@ other people
feel free to share your experience when you used other pads to create your hitbox.

I’ve used both the Hori FC and the FC4. The FC4 isn’t bad but the FC is all around better since it comes with Xinput and the test points are easier to solder to if you choose to use the back of the board.

I use the new FC on PC with a Toodles SOCD cleaner. Both of the Shoryuken methods you asked about work there. I don’t have SFV on PS4 yet.

thats the thing, i need to know how these things work out on a ps4.
the hitbox i have right now works without issue on pc too but since its a xbox360 fightpad board in it its
not compatible with the ps4 and the brook adapter are no solution for me since they act so weird.

does the fc has a switch to change from xinput to d-input or how does it work on a ps4?

you only need to worry about xinput for sf5 on PC. every game on PC, except sf5 for some stupid reason, is compatible with both xinput (mostly used on 360 controllers) and directinput (everything else).

there’s a program you can install that’ll let you use directinput on SF5 pc, though capcom/madcatz should be working on a more userfriendly solution as well.

i know its called x360ce
i was just surprised that the gamepad has a option to switch between these modes.

yeah, that will for sure not happen in the next month. capcom has to fix a lot in theire game but at the same time needs to finish new content.