All purpose fight stick

I am very new to the fighting games community. I am interested in a few street fighter games, a few wii games, and injustice for ps3. I was wondering since i will mostly play fighting games on my PC, Wii, and PS3 can i just get a usb fight stick and use it for all 3 of these things? What is the difference between a good quality fight stick and a bad one? i am thinking of only spending lik $60 on one instead of like $200.

Do USB fight sticks even work with wii?

no. USB fightsticks don’t work with a wii. It has to be an attachment or a gamecube port… (which won’t work with the wii u since it has no gamecube ports =( ) …

The differences between a good quality stick and a bad one is the quality of the joystick and buttons. Bottom line is anything will work but now a days it’s almost cheaper to buy a new stick off Madcatz’s store. They have brand new TE style sticks for $100. You can get a PS3 one and it will work on ps3\pc. Later down the road if you want to make it for for 360 as well you can dual mod it for around $70 ($60 for a ps360+ pcb and $5 for the wires or so)

Here is the link to Madcatz’s store. Keep checking back for sales.

I know you can get some Arcade Sticks that work for Xbox/PC/PS3 but idk about working for the wii aswell. Seems like something that most people would not try to move it too. (Not saying it is a bad system just that it does not strike me as a big online experience so it might not be cost effective to worry about.) But if you are looking for a cheap stick I can only tell you that you get what you pay for in them. I spent about $130 on mine then an extra 30-35 on sanwa parts to replace the stock ones.