All right so.. My I have the green light for EVO!

w00t w00t. All right, a couple of questions.

I’m currently 16, by EVO comes, I’ll be 17… How am I supposed to get my parents signature to register at the tournament? Can I get a piece of paper saying they allow me to compete or something?

I’ll be staying by my grandma’s so the hotel fees doesn’t really apply to me but…

Can I enter the Casino without the fee and buy the foods there? Sorta like using their services like spa or something but not booking a room. And do they require that age requirement?

Money matches- How does it work and can I participate on it?

Generally how much does it cost to go there and back? Flying from Vancouver to Vegas and back.

you dont need a parents signature to participate, only if you win prizes or prize money.

Err… So I can register at the tournament in hope of winning but I have to get my parent’s signature in case I won?

You wont win so dont worry about it

LMAO :lol:

but what if… he DID win LMAO :rofl:

Omg that’s so mean… My Honda is enraged now >: (

Aite here’s your answers…

1.) Registration/ Winnings-You register online when wiz starts up sign ups. You don’t need your parents signature to compete. However if for some reason you win Moneyz than you need your parents signature. If anything just bring your grandmother or have your parents sign a piece of paper.

2.) Other stuffz- You can enter the Casino, peeps won’t really care just don’t make it seem like your gunna fuck with a machine or table cause than you’ll just get the wtf look…:bluu:
As for other stuffs lounge wise. I’m not entirely sure about using the spa/pool areas thats all you man, Food wise they won’t ask for your age don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about the Age requirement man.

3.) Money matches- Pretty much walk up the dude and throw your wallet at him…naw J/k lol

Really you just ask the guy if he wants to MM, whatever game for XX amount of moneyz and agree on amount of rounds 2/3,3/5 FT5 whatever. Than yeah it’s all game after that.

My trip cost me about $400 hotel/Food/Tourney/other stuffz…

You got time man, organize and start saving now.

Also if it makes you feel any better I"m 17 and I went last year when I was 16.

-EX :cool:

LoL, but yeah man just go to have fun man don’t think about winning too much unless you really are putting major J. Wong type hours into the game.

. . . especially not with Honda :bluu:

curfew law is the only thing you have to worry about

Its ridiculously cheap to fly here… spend your money here so you can give my friends some work…

I think you are pretty much free to do w/e in the casino as long as you don’t gamble / drink alcohol in established areas where the 21 and older rule is enforced.

That and curfew law, damn that sucks. Can he even get into Treasures at that age?

You could just bring your alcohol on the trip, eh?

I’m planning to go, but the 21 age in the US is really lame, so I’m just planning to bring my own.

yo! Want to get some money matches on? What games do u play? I’ll play any except pikachu shit.