ALL SANWA 360/PS3/PC HrapIcom Dual Modded Custom Hrap + Snes = Love 160 or OBO


Hey Dudes and Dudettes I love the snes/super Famicom. So I took the HRAP to make an HRAPICOM.

IT is dual modded Works on both playstation 3 and 360
New Parts
Custom Painted Buttons(only grey) and Base
Start home and select moved to the back
Put an SNES Controller Port and led. Yes the led works
It has art plexi and art.
I also added screws so it can be opened from the top. Keep your bottom sealed.

Im looking for 150 shipped or obo.

Thanks for everything SRK hope you like it lol.


This is gorgeous your gonna make someone really happy :]


that’s $ick! gl with your sale.


Price drop 230


Hak your a monsta dude!

nice stick, Im still waiting on xmas money to take a trip so you can fix my stick

gl with the sale and beautiful stick!


Price Drop 220


20$ 200 shipped drop Send me your offers. fixed the title. this is dual modded has top mouned screws so you can open fromt he top. Makes a great gift lol new parts!!!


Price drizzop 190 Would anybody be interested if I parted it out?


180 thanks


Christmas Bump


Price drop


Hak, my dude what is the snes port for specifically? is it a converter to use it on a usb?


nah Didnt bother to wire it up didnt want a wire running for the front of the console.


Button mapping and what brand / model parts?


X y Rb
A B Lb


160 Price Drop


new pics


Super Bump


Final price drop before I do something crazy I mean it lol


I’m pretty interested in this, but I have a couple of questions:

When does the LED light up?

Is the SNES port just for show?

Do I have to do anything special when I plug it into a 360 or PS3?

What is the button layout for PS3?