ALL SOLD - Modded Madcatz SE $80 shipped, iL joysticks, FS3 Modded


SOLD LOCALLY $80 shipped - Modded Madcatz SE for PS3 used

SOLD $10 shipped - 1 iL Eurojoystick black - brand new from ponyboy

SOLD $35 shipped - Hori FS3 case w/ modded joystick and 8 Matcatz SE white buttons


Pm sent


I’m interested in the FS3, is the wiring job really bad or did you just let the wires get all over the place? and since you can’t push the PS button does that mean it won’t work for PS2 games on PS3?


PM replied to ibeatu

@ Master Kojiro, the wiring job is fine, just the wires are all over the place, I’ll post pics when I get home tonight.

I haven’t tried it for ps2 games yet, but I will tonight and let you know



Probably not, the pcb isn’t a PS3 board, just a generic pc one. Evreything else should work just fine on it.


do you want to sell only one happ joystick?


pics plz can you take a pic of the inside of the fs3


If the people above fall through for the FS3, I’m interested in buying it.


well if the pics are good im taking the fs3 still waiting on them


Nuuuuuuu…:sad: Could’ve used it.


i told the other dude to sell you that t5 you wanted the other day with the box and dvd case :slight_smile: i was gonna take it but i have a few


updated with pictures


In for 1 Black iL Eurostick - pm’d


All PM replied, updated descriptions


pmed about 1 black il stick


1 iL stick left, pending for Ouroborus