*ALL SOLD* Modded sticks. New Year's special

PS3 MvC2 TE dual modded for 360. Hold down Home plugging in the cord to play on 360. Has a metal Slurpee shaft cover. Inner 6 buttons are Seimitsu. $150 shipped.

NICE!!! Good luck with your sale big guy!

$50 price drop!!

I’m also going to add a few more TE’s for sale in the near future. I got two brand new R2 360 TE’s, used PS3 MvC2 TE, and a used 360 TE-S. I’m trying to decide type of mod I should do with them.

Added another stick for sale.

New Years Special!

There are two TE’s for $150 shipped each and two MC/RJ45 modded sticks for $200 shipped each.

I’m very tempted on the no artwork te.

Sold the 360 R2 TE modded with MC cthulhu and rj45 jack

You should buy it :slight_smile:

i want to but i don’t really need a third te! only reason i would is to swap over from:


for the dual mod

Bump for Gummo. GL with sale sir

Is the no artwork TE still for sale?

yes it is.

I’m actually considering the Virtua High Grade stick. Mostly because I want a PS2 stick for CvS2…I’ll get back to you after I see how much spare money I have.

EDIT: Nevermind, I’ve found a cheaper alternative elsewhere. I wish you luck in selling these items though sir!

360/MC/RJ45 modded SVHG is sold.

PM’ed about the VSHG, it’s not working properly…

pm replied. will be sending a replacement usb cable.

Ready to take that TE-S off your hands pm your paypal

TE-S is now sold.

still got the PS3 MvC2 TE dual modded for 360 ?
If not i’m interested in anything that is dual modded.

I still have the dual modded MvC2 TE, but it is pending. I’ll contact the guy again to see if he still wants it.

I also have a brand new R1 and R2 360 TE. I could dual mod either one for $150 shipped.