All sold! Moderators, please close this thread!


Trading Outlet, you guys are way too amazing! Thanks for helping me sell all my stuff! :lovin:

Moderators, I’d appreciate it if you closed this thread. Thanks a bunch everyone!


Brand new in box 1995 US Sega Saturn Model 2 Gamepad: $28.00 shipped

WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! i need this but honestly i shouldn’t buy it.

sigh. i’m going to have to sleep on this because it belongs with my other brand new model 2.



Is that your absolute best price on the Datel GC memory card? And do you have all the software?


MasterKojiro, yessir, I do have all the software that comes with it and the manual. I am willing to take offers within a reasonable amount; just PM me and lemme know what’s up. :tup:

zeetes, somehow I knew you’d be coming into this thread when I was uploading images of that brand new Saturn pad. :lol:


Mini-Mas pm sent.


PM’d for both the red & white Seimitsu PS-14-GN buttons!


Ikagi, couldnt PM u cuz of low post count =/
i would like the TE stick
do u ship internationally?
how much would it cost to brazil?(with tracking)

ty =]


Alright! Thanks a bunch for getting my sales started guys! All PMs sent within the last 12 hours have been replied to and themasta, I sent you a PM. Thanks a ton fellas!


you may as well just pm me your paypal info for the saturn pad.


Haha, shot you a PM zeetes! :tup:


thanks again!


Looking at the neutrik connector, it looks like it wouldn’t fit inside a 24mm button hole because of the green square (pcb?). This pic

How does it work?




DeepThoughts, it’s a little bit complicated to explain, so I hope I do an adequate enough job. If you notice, there’s one part of the jack that’s a rectangular piece of black chromium. There are actually screws that hold that in place to the rest of the plug. You remove the screws and the chromium plate comes off, revealing that the portion with the Ethernet plug actually through holes into your 24mm hole from behind it with the black chromium plate covering the hole from the front of your 24mm hole. So, you essentially need 3 holes, one 24mm hole, and two significantly smaller holes for the mounting screws. It’s very very simple if you’ve got a Dremel and a 24mm hole saw with a drill. :tup:


Thanks for the explanation Ikagi. I’ll take the kit for $18.


theres my addrs to check shipping costs
city;Salvador state:Bahia
zip 41830451


themasta, I sent you another PM. All PMs replied to and thanks for sending money guys! You’ll be hearing back from me in no more than 36 hours!


Hey all! First off, I apologize; I’m overdue of my own declared 36 hour deadline, so I’m really sorry for making any of you worry. :sad:

BUT! Everyone who ordered anything at all from me within the past 3 days has had their goods shipped out as of 37 minutes of me posting this message. Cheers people! :tup:


I’ll take that cthulu & imp combo. pmd.


Some more stuff sold, and I’m gonna give this thread a bump! I know there’s someone out there who needs my wares! :lol: