All items will be incoming shortly

New items to be added shortly

Nhtran sold…

pics??? dont be lazy

Not being lazy…been dealing with moving @Edgar


that panzer ke looks nice. i’ll keep an eye out if no one picks it up.

Sorry… I thought this one had the 15pin for supergun.

Also will be switching out buttons on ke to dark hai…and willing to do 175 shipped on it.

Show 'em a pic with the sides. They really tie the room together.

I sold locally…didnt want to…but my car is in need of repairs to fix the door lock.

The fanta is $115?

No…the case with fanta is…and is now sold B)

Shoot, I missed it. My friend was asking about getting a Korean stick.

Yeah, disappointing. It’d be cool to change the topic to cut down on sadness. Congrats on your sale though!

Thanks for the panzer case. Came in real fast.