[ALL SOLD OUT]: Dual modded sticks. In mostly unused condtion. $180 shipped


A 360 Madcatz TTT2 TE dual modded with a cerberus, clear replacement plexi, and sleeved wiring with box. $180 shipped.

Four 360 Madcatz Pro sticks dual modded with cerberus with box. $180 shipped each.

A PS3 Hello Kitty Madcatz Pro stick dual modded with a PS360+ and pink bubble balltop with box. #14/500. $180 shipped

A PS3 SFxT Madcatz Pro stick dual modded with a PS360+. No box. $180 shipped

SOLDA Hori T6 stick dual modded with a PS360+ and sanwa parts. No box. $120 shipped.


The 4 Pro sticks all the same model with the Madatz art?




T6 stick is sold.


Added a new stick for sale. TTT2.


Price dropped. All sticks $180 shipped.




are any of these still up for grabs?


No but I do have a dual modded pro with clear plexiglass/no artwork for sale for same offer.


Damn it, necro’d thread… I have a buddy digging around for a Sanrio and this would’ve made him shit his pants.