All sold, Please close. THANKS SRK!

Selling off my stick collection :frowning:
All prices are shipped within US 48, don’t be afraid to send offers

SOLD Solid Maple Hardwood TMO SOLD
$210 (Or Best Offer)

I’m not a tourney player and this belongs in the hands of one, not sitting in my living room. It’s too beautiful to have sitting here. Added since photos were taken: rubber feet that mount via existing bottom screws.

Versus City Panel (TOP PANEL ONLY): Great condition with almost new JLF, bubble balltop, OBSNs
$120 (Or Best Offer)

This is in GREAT condition. No scratches, no scuffs.

SOLD 360 Street Fighter IV FightStick TE w/ Custom acrylic (by Arthong) and Vewlix Art SOLD
$260 (Or Best Offer)

I think I spent about $40 in prints at Kinko’s until the art came out right. I’m picky. I was very meticulous in cutting out the art to match the acrylic. VERY clean.

That’s some good shit.

damn that 360 TE stick is nice…is it 260 shipped? im in socal?

Yup. Shipped anywhere.

both the tmo case and the viewlix te are very clean. whoever buys either looks like they will be getting top quality sticks. good luck!

Thanks, man.

Are you the one who bought that sega astro city stick from the trading outlet a month or two back? Mighty fine stuff you got here, raising funds to get a new custom panel for the astro city? Good luck with the sales!

Right on the money. Getting a 2-player Blast City panel from Aki.

well i need a TE stick to fuck with…ill take the TE stick…can i pay tomrrow when i can get to the bank?

Sure. Consider it yours. TE Sold.

nice…thanks…ill deposit tomrrow and then paypal you…pm me your paypal adress…thanks bud.

Sure thing. Pm’ed

Any chance on getting the TMO case without the parts?

Unfortunately, I won’t have a use for them, so I prefer to sell it as a package. But, it never hurts to shoot me an offer to get that price down!

Price bump on the Maple TMO stick. I came to the conclusion that $250 was way too high even for an asking price.

TMO stick Sold

that was fast! nice going on the fast sales