All SOLD! please close.

all gone.

I am interested but am curious as to what the Hori FS3 mod does to those Sanwa buttons?

it just makes them more compatible to fit various panels. All that was done to them was the removal of those little grooves on the side of the buttons.

heres the thread for more info.

Is this LS33 used?

yes, it is used. but someone has their eye on the ls33. So if you’re interested you better do it quickly.

bumped for AWARENESS!

interested in the clear buttons, ill send you a pm

pm received and replied.
also, price drop on some of the items.

LS-33 has been SOLD!

I’ll take the 6 white sanwa buttons if they aren’t taken yet.

the ls-56 has been SOLD!
all orders made yesterday / today have been shipped.
final price cut on all items.

this is it, what don’t get sold don’t get sold. I am no longer bumping this thread.

your inbox is full btw

PS1 PCB still up for sell? If not, I’m on it…

its still available.

Good. Sending payment now…

everything has been SOLD!
Thanks Everyone!

please close.