All SOLD! please CLOSE!

I have a PsOne (Non Dual Shock) PCB, already soldered, wired, and ready to go.
(Pics avalible upon request)

$13 shipped

How much for the jlw um and the Rollie buttons shipped?

Send me a pm

In comparison to the Stock SFAC Happ joystick, how different are the JLW TM and UM?

@Woop MstR Fresh $20 shipped for buttons and jlw
@Don illMatix I have never used a SFAC stick before so i couldn’t tell you. But ill assume any stick out right now is better than that thing…LOL

Het cutwest, willing to do a package deal? I want the jlw-um, jlw-tm, ls32, and rollie buttons. Not sure if they are spoken for. Let me know. Thanks.

revamped whole thread with new items.

west coast!

payment is pending on the LS-42
LS-42 sold.

Does the first case (black one) fit Seimitsu buttons and/or Sanwa sticks?

PsOne PCB added to the list.
final price cut on cases.


i’m curious about the black case. is it drilled for a JLW? are there holes for start/back/guide?

i’ll take the psone pad

edit: does it have an analog button soldered? getting it for an xtokki adapter

I’ll take the black case. Pm’d.

there are holes for start and select on the right side of the stick. No third hole for Home/Guide I’m afraid.

Sorry, no analog.

White American Style MDF case has been sold!

Both cases have been sold.

PCB is all thats left. And I’m on the fence about deciding whether to just keep it. So if you’re interested in the PCB you better do it quick.

I’ll take the pcb if it has qd’s and daisy chain qd’d?

yes, it does.

cool just send the paypal address

PCB has been SOLD!
Close this shit NOW!