Selling parts lot. All are new or unused from new sticks. Bat-top not included. $20 shipped to US48.<br>
<img src=“” alt=“UihmeTn.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>
8 OBSF30s<br>
3 OBSF24s<br>
2 LB35s<br>
2 LS32 harness<br>
1 Arrowed Dustwasher (LS32)<br>
1 LS32 gate


Price dropped to $28 shipped


28 shipped for everything?


Thats correct


Price drop


how much just for the dust washer? and also would you happen to have a spare yellow ball top


Sorry, not parting the bundle and i dont have a yellow balltop.


Price drop


$20 now<br>


I’ll take the lot just send me your paypal<br>