All sold, please close

Looking for trades for used 360 games

2x 360 MadCatz Fightstick Headset Adapter ($3 each)
2x 24mm Hori buttons gray (just take the damn things)
JLF plate ($4)
Large sanwa dust washer w/ logo ($3)

TRADEDPink balltop ($3)
TRADED Japanese Microswitches ($8 set)
TRADED 24mm yellow OBSN ($2)
TRADED Black balltop ($3)
TRADED 4x 30mm Seimitsu Clear Green pushbuttons ($2.50 each)
**TRADED **USED Pink mesh balltop w/ small imperfection ($5)
TRADED JLF harness ($4)
TRADED 2x 30mm Sanwa plugs ($2 each)

Pink mesball plz

I got a bunch of 360 games I’d be willing to trade. I’ll pm you the list when I get home.

$20 minimum, please

Sounds good

Could you do the buttons and ball tops for 20 shipped? If so ill take them.

Possible trade pending with KOAB

Hold sanwa 24 yellow buttons, mesh pink ball top sanwa 30 mm plugs and harness please cause i have a non scratches sfac xbox copy.


Good sir, I have a copy of SFAC for the Xbox and Virtua Fighter 5, both used. I’d just like to take those 24 mm Hori’s and the pink balltop. Or, I could just take the four green seimitsu’s, your call.

this guy is legit…i got my TE stick off him and it came in perfect condition. love the TE stick mod u sold me mdsfx

Ok here’s what I got:
Bully (sealed)
Ninja Gaiden 2 (sealed)
Project Sylpheed
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
The Darkness
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
The Simpsons Game
Army of Two
Perfect DarkZero

Let me know what you want and what sounds fair.

I got Fable 2, Soul Calibur IV, Top Spin 3, Virtua Tennis 3 and Skate (the first one) for games I could trade.


Glad you like it! Thanks for the vote of confidence man.

Some items traded

Can I have the JLF plate and the hellah big washer?


for you, Had, anything