*ALL SOLD!* Thanks folks!


What’s up folks? I’ve accumulated some parts I’ve been wanting to sell and I figured you all here at SRK could make good use of them. Anyways, enough talking; let’s get to it!

  1. Custom machined “Virtstick” - I bought this from a member of the ArcadeOtaku forums named virtvic. He makes these custom aluminum joysticks, primarily for SHMUPs, but can be used for other games as well. It has the shortest throw of any joystick I’ve ever used and I can’t say enough about the build quality. It definitely doesn’t feel cheap, being made from machined aluminum. Comes with 4 microswitches, a black balltop, 2 dustwashers, and the extra heavier spring and additional spring cover. [S]$45.00 shipped.[/S] SOLD.






  1. Brand new LS-32-01 - I bought one of these to put into a stick a while ago, but it never ended up happening. Literally never been used. I don’t have the harness for it, but it does come with a black balltop. [S]$25.00 shipped.[/S] SOLD.




  1. A used set of 6 Sanwa blue plunger/white body buttons - They’re used, but they still work very well. These have just been laying around in my spare parts bin, so I hope someone can make better use of these than I can. [S]$15.00 shipped.[/S] SOLD.




  1. Black Powder Coated Link - A bit back, I bought a Link and shipped it off to RosserRooster for powdercoating. It’s pretty cool, but it’s just not for me. I’ll stick with my regular JLF shafts. I’ve only used this thing for a few hours just to see how I liked it. I don’t have the sticker (mine didn’t come with one), but I will include the original hex wrench as well as two JLF dustwashers that I personally dremeled to be wide enough to be used with the Link. [S]$30.00 shipped.[/S] SOLD.




Those are my wares folks! Have at it. :tup:


Will buy your LS-32

Check PM


Do you absolutely, completely honest, guarantee to me, you bought directly from virtvic?
Not from someone who bought from virtvic.

Include transaction details by PayPal and Forum Post and Private Message.
Also the original package he shipped to you with.


jdm714, you’ll get a conversation shortly.


The LS-32-01 is on hold, the Virtstick has been sold, and a price drop for the Link down to $30.00 from $35.00.


Interested in buttons and link. PM sent.


Buttons and Link have been sold!


All items have been sold! Thanks guys. Expect your stuff to ship out shortly. :tup:


haha the new title reminds me of porky pig!