all sold

HRAP1 top panel with ps1/2 pcb and turbo panel already has quick disconnects! Looking to get $30 shipped (flat rate priority) will include the ps1/2 cable, as an added bonus I will include an extended plexi THE PLEXI IS BRAND NEW

PM your paypal. I’ll take FF7

Ff7 sold

Got it the other day.

Added item

pics for pcb?

Price drops

I’ll take the MCZ 360 PCB

Payment sent for the PCB

what condition is FF8 in? do you have any pics of the cd’s?

I can take some but its great condition for the age

Pics added

Pcb sold

Added hrap top panel+turbo & pcb… Pics later today

pmd for hori panel

Didn’t get it… O.o

PM replied
Pics of HRAP stuff added



Pm’d you back not sure if u got it, the Pm’s have been acting funny for me