All Spokan Residents! (New to forum)

Hello everyone! I’m new to this forum and I was wondering if anyone who lived in the area of possibly medical lake or close by would be willing to get into contact with me whether is just xbox live, psn matches or possibly casuals!

If you wanna add me on xbox live - ADMARA
PSN - AnAsianKid1


You should come check out GAME ON. Every Thursday from 6pm - Midnight we do a casual fight night with most of the area players. We also have a fight night on Tuesday nights but that scene is still growing not a whole lot of the guys are here on Tuesdays but there are still a few. It is a cool group of guys who just like to play and a cool permanent venue at GAME ON. It is only $5 for the night or you can sign up for the month of fight nights either Tuesday or Thursdays for $10. It is located at 11811 E. 1st in Spokane Valley (directly behind PAWN 1)…(509)703-7788…We would love to see a new player!!!

Oh really? I had no idea we had a scene lol

Yeah man sounds good! The only problem is, is just that I don’t have a license but if you don’t mind could maybe give me the names of the players who go there and I can figure something out!

Yeah we will work something out. I might even be able to pick you up for the first couple times and then see if we have any players out that way that may be able to hook you up with a ride. If you want to come this coming Tuesday we should have a good turnout…last chance practice before a lot of our guys go to EVO. Just hit me up sometime Monday or early Tuesday and I will see if we can get you hooked up with a ride. Feel free to call the shop anytime Monday or early Tuesday (509)703-7788. My name is Mike by the way. Hope to see a new face at fight nights.

Sounds good my friend!
Welp, does my age matter at all in order to compete?

Heck no, we just like to see new faces and play against new fighters. How old are you??

Well im 16 turning 17 in a month lol

Sorry, I thought there would be some age limit lol

I think 16 is plenty old, lol.

*phew thank god

do you go to these thursday fight nights?

If I’m off work, yes. I can go to this thursday fight night, so I’ll very likely be there early (but not too early).

This coming Thursday will be a much smaller turnout due to EVO. We have a lot of our guys going down to Vegas for the EVO event. I do not want to discourage anyone from coming on Thursday I just don’t want new guys to show up and think that the scene here is really that small. We have a decent size fight night group but with EVO this weekend a lot of guy will be in Vegas by Thursday. Hope to see new faces though it is always nice to meet new fighters.

You guys should also check out the Spokane WA Meet every Thursday thread on here. That is where most of us post for the latest on the Spokane scene.