All Stars at Rebel Up x Super Arcade


So we’re gonna be working out the details, but it looks like we’re going to be running All Stars as a biweekly on Saturday. I’ll update this post as I get more info, but expect both 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments since we have more time to run a tourney. Stay tuned, I’ll update this as I get more info.


See the link for details on the normal repertoire of games Rebel Up includes. Super Arcade and James Xie have graciously let us have All Stars there for their biweekly, even letting us get some stream time in. So let’s do our part and support our local competitive scene, ey? Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join us, as our main goal is to just build onto our community and to help this game survive. :slight_smile:


Super Arcade

1211 North Grand Avenue
Walnut, CA 91789


TBD, will find out as soon as possible from Xie when we can set-up and start.

Entry Fee

$5 Dollars (Venue Fee)

Tournaments themselves will be free entry, so I’m afraid they’ll be prize less beyond getting to play on stream to show off your skills.
Tournament Rules (These are subject to change as things in the meta progress)**


Best 2 out of 3

Stock Limit 3

Double Elimination

Items and Hazards Off (This is something that is likely to change due to feedback and my own personal experiences.)

Stage Striking is to be used for picking of stages for the first round. Loser gets to pick a counter pick stage. On counter pick, the only banned stages are Franzea and Black Rock Stadium at the moment.

No glitches that require the PS3 to be reset are allowed.

Winner cannot change characters. Loser however can do so.

Stalling the game indefinitely will lead to a forfeiture by the perpetrator. (This rule is mainly to save time moreso than anything. If deemed unnecessary by a good portion of folks, I’ll remove it.)


Best 2 out of 3

Kill Limit 5

Double Elimination

Items and Hazards On (Read above. Considering how the 2v2 meta has been shaping however, I feel that items should remain on with a few exceptions. Will of course review this as time goes on.)

Stage Striking is to be used for picking of stages for the first round. Losing team gets to counter pick a stage of their choice. No particular stages are banned.

No glitches that require the PS3 to be reset are allowed. To add to this, use of Nariko’s infinite level 3 glitch (Where she can hold block down indefinitely, preventing any other characters from using supers while also making her untargetable) is explicitly banned, and will result in forfeiture of the round.

Winning team cannot change characters, losing team however can do so.

Hope to see you guys come out! :smiley: