All stick makers.... Reort to this thread asap

Ok, I am going to update the official custom stick builder thread. If you have your own thread where you take orders for sticks, please post in here with this format…

Location -
what custom you do - (ie, build all sticks, jap sticks, mas sticks, cases only etc…)
average price -
website - (either your SRK thread link, or if you have your own site, post both)

If you don’t post in this thread, you will NOT be in “Official Custom Stick Makers” Thread.

So if you know a custom stick maker, tell them to report in this thread or else they won’t be part of the stickied thread at the top.

Foe Hammer Customs
We build all sticks and cases for jp, happs, korean, keyboard layout buttons.
average case price is 90 - 180 depending on wood type
average fully wired stick - 250 - 400 depending on parts/paint/wood/systems wired for
Foe Hammer Custom Joysticks and our srk sales thread

Voltech Arcade Sticks

I build a modular custom case with interchangeable and upgradeable parts AKA the VAS-HG.
Available in 2 sizes the slim 2 1/8" (fits most Japanese sticks, Sanwa and Seimitsu etc) and the Universal 3" (fits pretty much all American, Korean and Japanese joysticks)
Basic dimensions are 14"W 10 1/4"L and 2 1/8" to 3 1/2"T

Pricing starts out at $150.00 for a VAS-HG DIY (Blank steel shell, Black or White PVC frame, Plexi top and bottom Rubber feet and all standard mounting hardware included)

Models in order of pricing are the VAS-HG Lite, VAS-HG Elite, VAS-HG Elite EX and VAS-HG Elite EX Plus
If you are looking for a complete custom stick I do work with many of the top modders in the community and several are local to me.
If you would like to see some examples you can visit my Flickr Page.

Build time - Because I am currently a one man operation, the build time can range from 2 to 4 months depending on how many orders I have at the time. In the past some orders have taken a bit longer to complete but I never give up on a customer and always try to make it worth the wait in the end. While I’m told you cant rush perfection I am always working to speed up this process.

For a complete list of pricing please visit my Sales Thread or send me an email at
Website coming soon (I’m no good at this stuff so it might be a while)

I do everything(japanese,korean,american,hitbox)
Will do just case or full blown customs
Blank case pricinf ranges from $75-200 depending on wood
Full wired customs…:175-500
Also do leds and custom balltops