All sticks traded! PLEASE CLOSE!

After using going through many stick mods and moving onto certain games, I have arrived at Sanwa JLFs being my stick of choice, despite past stubbornness. When TvC was still around, I felt Seimitsu sticks were more favorable, but ever since MvC3 came out, I realized my execution was much better on the JLFs. Case in point, I just want to swap out all remaining sticks that have Seimitsu over to Sanwa JLF.

All sticks have been traded! Thanks!

One LS-32-01 has been claimed. Updated post.

I have a sanwa out of a hrap3. Interested in the 56-01.

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I have a spare JLF with literally no use at all on it, I’d be willing to trade for the LS-32 you have. PM me if you’re interested!

i have a jlf i can send it to you tom. If you can send your ls 32 01 as well tom? Pm and let me know. Trying to get that stick by friday.

PMs sent to all people.

Updated post, only one more LS-32 and one more LS-32-01 left.

I’ll take both of them I’m on tapatalk so if u can send md info on where to send and ill send out tom

I take it these are used sticks?