ALL Street Fighter IV sticks & related stuff ... HERE

I knew this was gonna happen. I just got back from the launch party and already you guys are trying to sell to the poor people who couldn’t make it. It all goes in here since everyone selling has the same items! Also, this thread will include ANYTHING SF4 related other than launch party memorabilia .

This includes

  • The Chun-Li x/500 limited edition promo figure
  • Bags
  • Posters
  • SF4 coins
  • Signed autographs
  • copies of the game
  • sticks
  • controllers
  • action figures
  • anything else I forgot that they had there
  • Comic Con Sticks

EDIT: I am re stickying this thread because still far to many people selling SF4 stuff.

Let me preface by saying I hate you all out of extreme jealousy.

But I am interested in all of the stuff mentioned. Please sell it.

direct copy/paste from other forums:

ATTEN: anybody who went to the Street Fighter IV launch party in Los Angeles on 02/12/2008!

I wanna buy something from you!!!

I got in at 10PM and they ran out of hats :frowning:

if anybody has a sketched Estate LA hat they would be willing to part with, plz PM me!! I really want one and am willing to pay a nice price!!


WTS: PS3 Mad Catz Tournament Edition TE FightStick For Sale madcatz street fighter iv arcade stick

Price is 275 + shipping

I’ll also will be interested in a estate hat

Quick question: Were these “SF4 coins” the same ones given out to people who pre-ordered SF4 at GameCrazy? I got a coin from them with Ryu on it in some card.

^^ Yeah, I think they were the same.

Wait, so does this mean if I have a modded fight stick for sale, it go in this thread instead of my own thread for premodded sticks?

if it has anything to do with SF4, then yes. if its your own stick, then no

No it would go into your own thread, unless for whatever reason you throw in some copy of SF4 or any of the mentioned launch party stuff inside the case…then yeah it would go in this thread heh.

Okay so I’m confused, would the Madcatz Street Fighter 4 Fight Stick be considered SF4 related? Not a stock one, a modded one with Sanwa parts and dual system capable. Just trying to follow rules and not piss off the mods and to post whore =P

if its not stock, then you can do it either way. if you created something custom with a SF4 theme or picture, its up to you where you think you can get more viewers.

Okay good, I understand. Thank you for the quick responses! I’m done post whoring in here now, on to tech talk. Thanks again MegamanDS!

IS anybody interested in selling their blu ray copy of the anime ?

willing to pay up to 200 for a te 360 stick let me know! or if you have any hori ex2 modded with sanwa parts i am will to pay up to 80 dollars for 1

WTB: 360 TE Stick $200-225 + Shipping. Get at me if interested.

Unfortunately when the time came for reserves I didn’t have the extra cash to spare for the TE sticks. However I’ve come into a bit recently so I’m looking to buy one for the Xbox 360.

Looking at something around $210-$230 shipped.
Zip is 05701 if you’re interested and want to check it out.

Can PM me or email me

Always willing to negotiate further if need be.

WTB: Fightstick TE PS3… would be willing for 250 shipped.

Might as well sticky this as the SF4 launch approaches.

Read the rules. Warning Infraction.

Selling 3 of The Launch Party day posters on ebay.