All systems, nice rare stuff


Sorry MMDS
thread deleted. Will repost in 2 days.


You need to put your prices, its the rules


The only thing that caught my interest in the post was Gunbird 2, which is REALLY weird. But yeah, lets see some prices.


you’re def going to need prices, cuz when i first read that, i thought
$5.15 for any game… doyrf? suikoden 2? tactics? sotn? all games that go for $50+


whats the brand for the ps2>dc converter

i guess tentative dibs


Please post prices.

How much for the Ps-> Saturn converter?


Sorry, will update with prices later today, forgot about it. Will answer posts/PM then as well.



I want:

Castlevania SOTN
Saga Frontier
Secret of Mana

Hook me up the prices and shoot me a pm or w/e.

I’m in Canada though, is that cool?


How much for the MGS Japanese boxset?


get off my koolaid!



MGS boxset is 65.

Everything inside is sealed.


Thanks…ill let you know if I can get it by tonight.


Would you happen to have a boot disc you could possibly sell along with the set?( I just realized mine was lost a while back…)

If not then does anyone else?


PM sent


edit - oops…will pm instead


how much for the following?
-ff 7 and 8


I need to post prices, until then check neo and shmups for same thread. Sorry, I want to follow forum rules but am SUPER busy.



your pm box is full. =(. my post is above yours though. hopefully pm me back?


Woo…Suikoden II and Metroid Prime caught my eye. Lemme know what’s up…


PM sent