All talk, no walk from the a3/arcade whiners, as usual

So this past weekend was another fine installment of the venerable MWC tournament. With a lot of hard work from Jason (and calling in the Geoff Arnold assist), everything ran smoothly. There were lots of amazing matches and everyone looked like they were having fun.

What did this tournament have that was special? In addition to a WIDE variety of games, including SvC, Puzzle Fighter, and one of the only AE boards in the country, they had–that’s right–A3! What else was notable about this tournament? It was all arcade! OMG- it’s the loudmouth’s dream tournament only… what’s that? None of you whiners actually came out to support it!

This is the A3 scene’s dirty little secret: The A3 players DO NOT COME OUT. Take it all the way back to the 3s/A3 exhibitions @ EVO. After the exhibitions, both of which were exciting and fun, the 3s players all over the place came up big, running tournaments, making a scene, etc. A3 players did not. This has always been cited as a simple, obvious reason that A3 is not currently included in EVO. It’s not “what game do we, SRK, like best?” It’s not some ridiculous conspiracy. It IS “what game has the support of its community?” As shown for the umpteenth time in the last few years, that game is not A3. Sorry boys, but you got everything you had asked for at your very own major. None of you showed.

If any of you put half the time into organizing A3 events as you do into whining about how no one is doing it for you, maybe EVO would have a kickass A3 tournament. So continue whining all you like, and I’ll contine to laugh. Your true colors were shown AGAIN this weekend.

Now what’s up?

your brother in A3 love,

This would be because A3 just isn’t as popular as people say it is. People post here “OMFG A3 IS MRE POPULAR THAN X GAME AND Z AND Y GAME, SO PUT IT ON EVO111”. There are some, mostly the vets here, that actually have decent arguments, but no one is going to do anything unless something drastic happens.

Also, many of the people supporting 3s are using their funds for that and can’t afford things for A3, but that is nowhere near a large enough excuse for the lack of commitment of these people who hype it up like they are spending night and day working on it.

I personally would like to see it be revived, but guess what? Like many other nameless souls here, I’m not doing anything about. Why? Lack of commitment. The game is fun, but I want things done for me, and the A3 community lacks the backing of the 3s community, which you stated pretty obviously.

I just don’t understand why people spend their time posting here moaning and bitching for something, then never do anything about. This goes in with the console vs. arcade debate with Evo, too. :frowning:

I’ll quote ya to show tha love!

I didn’t show because I really don’t play anymore. Not A3, I don’t really play anything anymore. I’ve felt less than enthused about tourneys for years. If not for the late edition of A3 at Evo2k2, I would’ve quit long ago. Evo2k2 got me interested in competing on the all around.

We don’t have an arcade here and while I would’ve loved to be at MWC, I didn’t plan on attending because I need money going elsewhere. By the time I realized that I really wanted to go, it was too late to make arrangements. But yeah, A3 being there is actually what made me upset about not making prior plans.

The thing is, I’m not going to care about A3 if top players aren’t there. There’s no reason for me to. It’s the same for every other game as well.

In all honesty, for me, A3 is the game that gets me in the mood to play. Why? Because it’s a great balance of offense and defense while always being full of action. It’s fast and intense and dagnabbit, it’s a lot harder to master than newer games. If it weren’t Justin would’ve taken that too. Apparently, unless you pick V-Sak, you can’t just be a good all around player and hop on A3. It’s a fighters’ fighting game. It’s not timid or blatantly defensive like newer games. I’ll play a good match of A3 to wake my hands up to play another game that asks so much less of me and therefore, is usually boring without adding in some A3.

EVEN when it comes to watching vids, knowing A3 like I do, a3 top player matches are far more interesting and exciting to me.

All in all, A3 makes me want to play in tourneys even if it’s not a huge turn-out. It’s the game. If A3 is at a tourney and I’m prepared for it, I’ll perform better in every game. The tourney just means more to me with A3 there even if it isn’t my focus. It’s just partial SF otherwise. It’s like a blowjob. It’s all good but, unless she’s taking the whole shaft(or at least the better portion of it), it’s a sub par BJ. You don’t wanna be enjoying a bj that stays at the tip or just the head because the rest of your cock is screaming to be in the warm and wet! Don’t just lick the lollipop. Show some skills. Anything less is half-assed. Now, don’t get me wrong. The tip may be the most sensitive like 3s and CvS2 may be the focus. But you STILL want your whole shit sucked. It adds to the overall enjoyment of the BJ. I’ve never lied to a woman and told her she gave me the best bj I’ve ever had if she didn’t fully attempt to take the whole thing even if she couldn’t. I’m never gonna call a tourney the best I’ve ever been to if A3 isn’t there even if only a handful wanted to play. The last inches of SF need to be satisfied for me to get off. I’m not gonna perform well if I don’t feel like I’m really gettin’ off.

I’ve played less and less games since b5. I don’t care if only 20 ppl entered A3 each year. They would be the best players and the Japanese would have to send some pretty dope talent to beat us. We were on a more even footing with them in A3 than any other game and that’s after A3 was dead.

I should’ve gone to MWC just to support that fact if not to support the arcade tourney. My bad and I admit it. If I had realized that my cock would be fully satisfied sooner, I would’ve gone.

Still, you don’t realize what adding A3 to Apex and Evo would do. They aren’t any great games coming out. Part of keeping the scene alive is going to console. Another part of keeping the scene alive is keeping the great games and not just the most popular. The most popular will be seen through by skeptics of the scene. When they see that games are chosen due to their merit as a fighting game FIRST, other genre lovers will give more respect and interest.

Evo has a hand in popularity. Yall should use it before you have less and less good games and more and more players that can’t tell the difference.

Why have VF4evo? It’s not popular in the US and it will get the least ammount of entrants. Why hold it? Because it is a great game and respected by many of our Japanese friends. It gives the game exposure and ppl will eventually pick it up because it gets respect for SOME reason. Why else would Evo add it when it isn’t popular? Just because it is one of the few great fighting games. The same should go for A3. In fact, it should go for A3 first considering Evo is an SRK tournament(with added help, I suppose).

3 years from now A3 could get as much as ST and probably more if it were added to Evo. I LOVE A3 and I’m not interested in it much if it’s not being respected at the biggest tourney of the year. I’ll give a crap about playing again when quality is an issue over popularity.

Yo, we WOULD’ve had Capcom All Stars instead of A3 since it was more new. That logic is wack! Wack games can play the back even if more ppl play it cuz they’re new.

Instead of counting on new good games(good luck) to keep the scene alive and thriving, try the old formula. Respect the game until the newer generation “gets it.” That’s what happened to ST. ST was ignored at tourneys including B3 until it was obvious that it would be a staple of tournaments. Then, with the knowledge that players could compete even years later, even if they just started, ppl sat down and learned it. If we just had ST when it was popular, it would’ve died long ago.

But you can’t force a clue on peeps.

Come on Seth! After seeing your MWC pics, it’s clear that you’re a hippy who hides it well, lol(j/k) I KNOW you can see where I’m coming from.

As for doing it ourselves? Seriously, we could’ve had small ST tourneys across the board and it wouldn’t have done squat if ECC, MWC and the B tourneys didn’t have it as a staple. I don’t play A3 anymore since I know I won’t find the comp it deserves and I’ll play half-assed. That is, until it becomes a permanent fixture again(yeah right). When I know that, if I’m playing it this year, I can still compete in it next year and the year after that, then I’ll play. I’m not going to waste my time on any game where I’m only gonna play one tournament in. That’s why I didn’t care about CvS1 after a couple of weeks. It was clear that we wouldn’t be playing it long.

There are many issues concerning A3 but, SRK could shoot my excuse in the foot by having an exhibition side tourney at Evo, at least. Then, if A3 is at Evo for a couple of more years and still doesn’t gain steam, I’m an idiot and yall can say you proved it. As is, I’m thinking, not having A3 at Evo is the biggest issue the A3 scene has to overcome. It should say something for a game to be repped at Evo. If Evo supported A3, it would get stronger.

You can harp on A3 heads all that you want but, we’re holding onto grains of hope because SRK has made it clear that A3 isn’t ever going to happen. I think we all know that A3 won’t get any mass attention with arcades gone UNLESS SRK spearheads the movement by adding it to Evo.

You want to harp on A3 heads but not talk about other scenes having tourneys. This is SRK. Sure, we could have our own little A3 tourneys but, you subtract the clout by choosing not to respect it at Evo anymore.

See, you wanna tell A3 heads to get off our asses but, SRK has made it clear that no matter WHAT we do, it won’t be at Evo. Fact is, A3 needs Evo to gain momentum again. So, asking for the complete momentum from us without any guarantee that SRK will budge on the issue is just needless taunting.

Tell you what, when SRK says “We’ll hold A3, if you do this.” then I’m sure A3 heads will do whatever it takes. But putting tons of effort into it has been clearly shown to be futile. SRK has pretty much told us all that we’d be wasting our time.

Taunt away but, it makes little sense until SRK makes SOME kind of announcement to A3 heads that SOMEthing may change if certain requirements were fulfilled.

Give A3 players a mark to reach for with a pay-off then we’ll be gung ho. But there’s little point in banging our heads against a brick wall when we know it won’t make any difference whatsoever.


GGXX and 3s are direct evidence to the contrary.

Regardless, I’ll give you a mark if you agree to stop complaining until you meet it. Get 64+ people to an A3 tournament and we’ll consider adding it to the next Evo. (real people… don’t just bring in people off the street and their girlfriends).

Damn Seth, I was there, lets not have toooo much hate… but then again i placed higher in 3S than i did in A3, so i guess i don’t count as an A3 player anymore… regardless, i had some GREAT a3 casual matches with valle, choi, watson, and navarro. Only like 20 people signed up for a3 but all of them were top tier players: choi, ricky, watson, henry, arturo, eddie, justin, myself, navarro, valle, wilson, AND FLOE and a bunch of others. I’m a little dissappointed that the numbers aren’t closer to 35 or 40 people for a3, but at least it was a fun tournament.

Peace out
a3 at evo!

thats it…im gonna start playing A3 and so will my gf…

Re: Re: All talk, no walk from the a3/arcade whiners, as usual

Whoa!!! I honestly never thought it would really be considered. In the family of SF, I figure I’m the older brother who talks a lot and thinks he knows what’s best but the rest of the family would rather him keep keep his trap shut. I feel that, heheh.

I will definately try and organize something to meet that criteria, if only for the consideration. I’ll do it just because I honestly believe in the game and in its’ future among hardcore fighting gamers.

You’ve got a deal, Tony. No more complaints about A3 until then:D

Yes, I completely understand that consideration is no guarantee. Just know that I’ll probably complain BIG along with everyone who supported the tourney if we met the mark and it still didn’t happen, lol. If ppl got into A3 and supported it, I think they’d want a crack at the Japanese and the still undefeated(outside of Japan), Bas. Heck, I’ve always wanted a crack at Daigo on that game. I wanted to face the top 3 from that ol skool tourney where Daigo won, Ohnuki got second and Chikyuu got 3rd. Thanks to yall and Evo2k2, I got my crack at Chikyuu and Ohnuki. I’ll always be grateful for that. There’s just some players you watch and you HAVE to play. For a looong time, it was those 3 that kept me interested in SF when my drive started to dwindle.

Playing peeps on the newer games just isn’t as exciting to me. I mean, look at Watson! Braggin’ about how dope his turtling is now. One of the best and creative rushdown SF players ever has resorted to surviving in CvS2 instead. That’s not because he chose to play ghey, it’s because CvS2 encourages non-fighting to win. It’s just so much easier to win playing defensive. You can’t get away with that shit on A3:p


Re: Re: Re: All talk, no walk from the a3/arcade whiners, as usual

Yo me and you are still down for are EVO alpha 3 match, just get ready to do my push-ups and maybe you can get that balrog of yours 2 do them with you, it might be out of shape by this time:D j/p… get at me if your still down

A3 4 ever…

Re: Re: Re: All talk, no walk from the a3/arcade whiners, as usual

(massive amounts of bullshit deleted)

This post isn’t directed at any particular person, nor is it directed at solely A3 advocates. It is about putting your money where your mouth is.

You asked for arcade versions of all games. Jason Wilson gave it to you. You asked for A3. Jason Wilson gave it to you. You asked for (random game X). Jason Wilson gave it to you. All of these things happened at one of the three major tournaments. And what did you do about it? What happened when you finally got what you’d been bitching about so loudly? You sat home like always, jamming on your “refresh” buttons to post and continue the endless cycle of bitching. Staying home from a quality tournament that worked hard to give you what you wanted isn’t a crime against humanity, but it does mean you need to stfu next time you feel like going on for 3 pages about your “demands.”

No-console arcade whiners and A3 whiners are like the little kid who whines and whines for mommy to take them to go get the new triplegutbuster burger. Then, when mommy (aka the tournament director) finally gives it to you, surprise- you won’t even eat it. Now when you get home and go RIGHT BACK to whining about wanting a triplegutbuster, do you really expect anyone to listen?

This “we had no idea you would ever budge at all!” is just more insulting bullshit. SRK changes things ALL THE TIME as a direct result of player input (3s added to lineup, GGXX, tons of rule changes, team formats, etc., to name only a very few). Obviously SRK doesn’t do everything the players ask for, because “the players” are not some unified body crying out for whatever, but instead a bunch of individuals, many of whom routinely ask for a lot of stupid shit. EVO is unquestionably for the players. It’s just that now “the players” includes groups many would rather see kicked to the curb (pad players, VS players, 3d players, etc.).

Obviously none of this applies to the people who actually came. They were down, came out, had fun, and saw some pretty hot competition (the A3 tournament was small, but it looked rough, featuring very few real scrubs and many of the game’s best US players).

Though it got lost in the initial post, this applies 100x to “consoles are bullshit!” complainers too. You got what you wanted- even goddamn AE was arcade. Where were you? I know it’s impossible for you to hold your OWN arcade (or a3) tournies, because EVO, ECC, and MWC all have magic beans that let them run tournaments, without which any attempt is dooooomed, but seriously- where you at?

My only point here is that if you’re such babies that you can’t do anything other than whine to mommy for what you want, you better fucking eat it when you get it. Tournament organizers work HARD to bring the players what they want, and if you can’t even swallow when it’s spoonfed straight into your mouth, maybe you should just keep that mouth shut.

"food for thought,"
Sell-out Seth

Pathetic. That’s the only word the describes Family Fun Arcade and the players that spew out ignorance. “World Championships of 3s” and “I’m the LeBron James of 3s.” Stupidest shit I have ever heard. MWC 2004 may have been the last true arcade-only major Street Fighter tournament ever. Where was Family Fun? Where were the “best 3s players in the U.S.”? Nowhere to be found. Wait, I know! They were at Family Fun Arcade and holding their own 12-man tourney, starring Pyrolee (who only travels to Japan to play with KSK in his apt, but won’t travel to MWC and some of the top 3s players in the country.) I guess when you are the leader of the Japanese Fan Boys going to Japan is an obligation to maintain leadership amongst the 1000s of Japanese Street Fighter Fan Boys.

Poor Justin Wong, his victory in 3s is meaningless because it didn’t occur at Family Fun Arcade. I guess we’ll never know if Justin Wong is better than Vic’s girlfriend, since she did call him a scrub one time.

Good Luck @ Evo2k4 on Superguns–with console sticks, Family Fun Arcade.


We actually had 23 people for Alpha 3, and Seth is right…people complained about Alpha 3 wanting it so damned bad, but some of the pool of players that we thought might go did not. I know of Apoc and Danny Leong, and I know of Temujin and Montreal players who were probably the most vocal of anyone that did not attend. The truth is, the only people that would still play the game are the hardcore players that were good at it. In terms of universal appeal, the game is dead.

The trend is this: the newer SF games regardless of what they are and how crappy they are will have the most “non-hardcore” players. What i mean by that is most of the players that come to MWC from Detroit and Nebraska are not super ultra hardcore like Watson/Choi/Ricky/Justin, but they will play the newest games. A3 is now six years old. Third Strike always will have a decent amount of players at MWC. Hell, when CVS1 existed we had 110+ at MWC when it was new. This year we had 58 players for 3s. It was out lowest for 3s yet, but because of the centralized location and interest, it will always do well.

It’s no one’s fault A3 was not a big deal, but did it matter? The results were the same as they would be, just less players and devil brackets for everyone. Any Alpha 3 tournament where Valle places 13th is brutal.

My final point is this: Don’t yell and complain to me about not having X game if you aren’t going to attend. I have heard this so many times, and the only game where we truly has another tournament on the fly was X-Men vs SF. I would have done Alpha 2, but that game needs to die.

Re: Re: Re: Re: All talk, no walk from the a3/arcade whiners, as usual

I’ll quote you just because you’re being ridiculous.

I’ve been to quite a few MWCs, I’ve been to ECC a couple of times and to every B tourney and Evo.

So…BECAUSE I didn’t have $500 spare lying around(being in hella debt), I should STFU!?! You’re a fool. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve travelled more than most. I’ve even been to other states when the tourney is small. I showed up last year to support Wilson even though the tourney had moved to NE and I had no clue how that would be. This year it’s back in IL and I hadn’t planned on attending since, #1short on funds and #2I haven’t been playing anything.

Now, perhaps this wasn’t directed at me, personally, but Seth, you live little room for reason.

I don’t hear you bitchin’ about last years Vf4 turn-out at Evo. Oh wait! I’ll bet that there’s a good reason for the low turn-out so there’s no reason to talk smack? lol. You’re not thorough anymore. You’re annoyed by a few ppl and you go off and flame folks. It’s entertaining but yo, just because I can’t afford to go doesn’t mean I shouldn’t voice my opinion.

Let me clarify something. I didn’t say that I wanted arcade versions. I do but, I said that it wasn’t cool to go completely console yet. That’s all. I said there should be cabinets for some sort of standard. I even specified cabinets for consoles and not arcade. All you hear is “I want arcade and I want A3.” You don’t remember that the reason for wanting cabs is to be cool to all the arcade players that came to past SRK tourneys. Don’t just alienate them or force them to play your way. I felt it was shitty to COMPLETELY toss out the standards we’ve been using forever. It’s not a mere wanting of arcade only crap. Just wanted to clarify.

But yo, if I’ve got responsibilities, they’re gonna have priority over a tourney. Ever not been able to get time off from work to go to a tourney you wanted? Should I tell you to keep your opinion to yourself since you couldn’t make it because your boss wouldn’t let you have the time you needed? Maybe, if you never travelled to tourneys.

Really, what you’re saying is, “if you can’t attend,” STFU. Well, folks have been voicing their opinion for years and they NEVER show up. I feel similar in that they shouldn’t have the voice that those who have supported past SRK tourneys should have…unless they are planning on showing up this year. Thing is, I do travel to tourneys whether I’m playing or not. This time, I couldn’t. Others had their own reasons too. For an adult, you’re trippin’.

I see ppl in other walks of life that complain and WON’T support anything UNTIL their criteria is met and THEN they’ll show.

As if I don’t already wish I could’ve attended, you want to rub it in. Seriously, MWC, if it continues the same, will be the tourney I look forward to next year. It was the better tourney, for me, this year, as well. Only, I couldn’t make it. Big bummer for me but, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t voice my opinion on tourneys. I DO GO to tourneys. I may not go to every single one but, I do go more than most.

Let me take your example of going for the burger. Yo, if someone would’ve taken me to MWC, I would’ve played:) Unfortunately, your metaphor doesn’t apply at all but that falls in line with you seeming like your on drugs lately. That metaphor was wack as all hell and doesn’t apply in the least. Yes, I understand it but, you’re trying to be insulting there and the attempt was poor.

I’m all for your flaming and being clever, but think it through first. Or do you assume that most reading here are kids who won’t notice bs? I should use your type of logic and tell you to stfu about sf aside from ol skool cuz, that’s all I ever hear of you playing. So I guess you shouldn’t have any say regarding the rest of the tournament since you aren’t a part of it. Then again, you can toss your money into any tournament so, maybe next time I can’t go, I’ll just send money to add to the pot so that it’ll be ok for me to talk. Put simply, your logic has gone down the tubes, bro. Maybe you’re realizing the hype that is caused by complaints and so you’re attempting some damage control while stirring the complaint pool for more hype. Good job. Still, you could’ve made more solid statements. This shit is rubbish, imo. But I’m not going to the next Seth lecture so I should stfu:D

Don’t worry meign:) I’ll be all gone before long. You won’t have me to complain about forever:)


Well, at least you’re not taking my lack of attendance personally:)

But yeah, an A3 tourney where Valle places 13th had to be brutal which makes missing it all the more regretful. Watson winning would’ve been huge if not for the deal being revealed. I was like, "Damn! Mike whooped on Choi’s V-Sak!?! With who? lol. Then I see Choi and him were splitting and Choi lost to Ricky and it made some more sense. Seeing as how V-Sak gives shotos a real hard time. But Valle getting 13th? I would’ve loved to be in the middle of that kind of comp!!! Me, Cole and Danny would’ve made that tourney COMPLETE!!! j/k

Good Show DreamTr. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t attend. I would’ve rather been there playing than checking results here:/



p.s. Apoc, seth entered mvc2 and cvs2 at mwc. oh wait maybe thats a secret.

Come on Ski, give S-Kill a chance! He can’t hang in freestylin’ or pop/lockin’. If he can, wow! I’m down!

Anyway, I knew Seth entered other tourneys but he’s known for ol skool. That’s why I made the comment about donating to other pots.

Seriously, I’d pay to see Seth freestyle. Seth and Choi freestylin’! That’s what I wanna see!!!:smiley:


Thanks, hope to see you there, lashai genei-jin.

Remember anyone can challenge me vic and 5 star to a 3on3 money match.

I love that you tell me I’m taking YOU not being there personally. What part of “This isn’t directed at any particular person” didn’t you understand? It was, after all, the VERY FIRST THING I said. The point, which you insisted on missing, is not that any particular, random A3/arcade advocate didn’t turn out. Any particular person can have a perfectly good excuse, and things come up, I know (I would have liked to go to ECC, but it didn’t work out this year). The point is that NONE of them came out, aka “they stayed away in droves,” etc.

Collectively, this confirms my earlier accusation about a lot of idle talk- people that won’t help themselves, or even support the others actively trying to give them what they’ve asked for. That’s pathetic, especially in the wake of all the whining, so I posted about it. Your (mistaken) decision to take it personally is your problem.

Wow, after I spell it out as the very first thing I said, it ALMOST looks like you’re going to get it here, but then… you don’t. Even if I knew what “live little room for reason” meant, let me stop you again- it ISN’T about you. Remember when I started by saying that? Remember when you came up zero times in the first post? I know it’s hard to imagine the world doesn’t revolve exclusively around you, but consider it.

I have no idea if there’s a good reason for VF’s attendance, though you’d do well not to put words in my mouth. Having it the first time was perfectly in keeping with the inclusive approach, but if it doesn’t generate some bigger numbers this year, I won’t defend it for the very same reasons I don’t currently support A3. This is despite the fact that I think VF is a great game. There are lots of great games- if nobody here plays it, or at least don’t want to play competitively, there’s not much point in having a tournament–same as A3.

Boo-hoo- we’re “tossing out” the least-standard standard of all time. This is the standard where every cabinet in the country is different? The “standard” which allows for both 360s and switch sticks (which are radically different)? The standard where stick and button layouts, shapes, and sensitivities are different? Where distance from the screen, screen size, distance between sticks and buttons, etc., are different? Yeah, great “standard.” Who are you trying to kid here? Seriously- this shit is different at EVERY location throughout the country, and usually different even between machines at the same location. Going to console lets you play on whatever stick/setup you feel most comfortable with. Because Wilson likes the heavy, traditional stand feel, he’s bringing his own. Great! Other people like their worn-in sticks, and will bring those. Get over yourself dude.

Though I’m not a particularly coordinated guy, I could not even reliably do down/up charge moves this past weekend. Choi had such a hard time getting uppercuts that he dropped his more famous shotos (Sagat, Ryu) to play Guile, with comparatively easier moves. Wowow- save this amazing standard!

I didn’t say “if you can’t attend.” I said if you DON’T attend. I was talking to the many players who COULD attend, and just didn’t (you took this personally, even though I never even mentioned you). Now are you going to tell me it’s just a coincidence that ALL the arcade advocates AND all the A3 players just HAPPENED to be busy this weekend?

“Let me take your burger example: The burger example is a bad example due to an excess of badification and having no validity. It is a bad example and does not apply, and even though I will not explain at all why not, just trust me it is no good. To sum up, it is bad and things that make me look bad should be ignored, thank you. PS- metaphors should only be about blowjobs and how tournament directors need to suck my WHOLE dick, because that is the job of tournament directors- to suck dicks and be happy about it, and to take my slaps when they can’t handle all 3 inches.”

I said something very simple, which you’ve insisted on misunderstanding so you can make it somehow about you. Let me say it again: A3/arcade advocates just had their big dance. Jason worked hard, emphasizing the ARCADE nature of the event, and none of you pussies showed up. Some of you will have decent excuses, sure, but at the end of the day, that’s what you’re good for as a group: excuses and more talk. What part of this involves “logic” or the fact that I’m “old skool”? Where is the “rubbish”? Jason built it, they did not come.

I don’t see where the BS is supposed to be. You don’t put up, shut up. Simple. I entered 4 tournaments @ MWC, including CVS2 (where I won a couple of matches, and lost only to the finalists in my bracket) and MVC2 (at which I was horribly crushed, due to suckage).

Though I know you love it, stop being dramatic. I love to see you come out to tourneys, don’t start pulling this grandma-style “I’ll be gone soon” act. God knows I’m proof enough you don’t have to retire unless you want to.


First, let me say that I was replying from my own feelings about your post. Sure you said that it wasn’t directed at me personally, but you clearly describe things that I’ve said. You clearly meant to single out “a3/Arcade Whiners.” Whether you said “Apoc” or not doesn’t mean I don’t fit the description. You must be playing around, acting like you don’t get this. If starting a drama thread like this isn’t fun to you, you wouldn’t be doing it.

But let’s act intelligent here. Whoever you were directing your post to was not RANDOM. You specified characteristics. Characteristics that are similar to things I’ve stated before. Hmmm? Who did you expect to reply to this? Are you telling me that this isn’t about me AND this isn’t about those who talk of wanting arcade cabs and A3 at Evo? It can’t be one and not the other. I AM myself AND I’d like cabs and A3 at Evo. So, use your head. Whether you specifically(or strategically) didn’t cite my name, you certainly pointed me out, or rather, what I’ve stood for. You’re being a fool to act like it wasn’t appropriate for me to take your post personally. I said that you may have not intended to direct your views toward me, however, they are views about things in my character. I want A3 and cabs and I didn’t show up to MWC. Perhaps now that I’ve added it up for you quite a few times in one paragraph, it may make sense that I responded. It should also make sense HOW I responded. I can’t believe I’m having to explain this to someone as intelligent as you. You’re either playing stupid or HELLA drugged up lately. My name didn’t come up in your post but “I” certainly did. Why don’t you show off your amazing 3 inches by specifically calling out ppl? That way, you won’t run the risk of those replying that just happen to fit your description of who you are calling out? No confusion there.

LOL! So this entire post was done so that you could scream “Hey! I was right!” hah. Good for you, Seth.:confused:

There’s a simple reason. VF4 has NEVER, EVER been popular in the US. EVER. It has it’s players and sells but I’ve never heard of one stellar VF4 tourney EVER in the US. There is no call for it. A3 has always had more support in the US. It’d be nice if Evo caused the VF scene to blow-up but, it would just be that, EVO’s INFLUENCE. If that turns out to be true, it’s safe to say that including A3 at Evo would have a more profound influence on the A3 scene. The fact is, before Evo, VF was the smallest fighting scene I can think of that still can be called a “scene.” If it gets bigger, that should go in A3’s favor.

You’ve GOT to be kidding. You seriously didn’t understand that your post would directly apply to me? Anyone familiar with my posts could assume this. I’m dumbfounded by your play of stupidity. I honestly can’t believe it. Having fun playing stupid?

So you actually know that many players that want A3 at Evo and prefer cabs COULD go and just chose not to? WTF? If you know these ppl, call 'em out personally instead of this false, random nonsense. SOME posters HAD to be in your head for you to write this.

If you CAN’T attend, you DON’T attend. Kinda goes together.

Yeah, it could very well be coincidence that all of these players have jobs/school/family or business commitments or even GFs that won’t let them go. There are a ton of reasons so, YES. It’s possible that each person that didn’t go had a good reason. Again, call these ppl out, if they aren’t already replying to you. That way “I” don’t need to tell you that it could be coincidence. That way, you can get the facts. But…that wouldn’t be so fun for you.

LOL! That metaphor did make you look bad and it wasn’t even humorous to boot! It certainly didn’t make me look bad. Perhaps you’ve never been in the position of a half-assed BJ or been given a bj by a girl whose jaw needs to be adjusted for the cock. If you had been, you’d understand the metaphor. Ever had blue balls? Ever been teased? I give up. Howz this to make it easier to understand? “ALL or NOTHING.” Some things are just like that. You either want it all or nothing because some is just a tease that will leave you wanting. The biggest SF tourney with no Alpha representation is a tease. All of the other tourneys are fun and build it up but Alpha is the hype that would be the pay off for the teasing. Every game is a build up and A3 would be the nutbuster for A3 fans. It’s the same for any fan. An MVC2 head would feel teased and disappointed if a VS tourney had COTA/XvsSf/MvSF/MVC1 yet didn’t hold an MvC2 tourney. Sure, that’s an extreme example leaving many more upset but, it’s merely a comparison to show what the metaphor meant and how an A3 lover would feel. If you don’t understand it by now, I’ll try not to use metaphors with you. But promise not to throw any weak ones without true parallels my way, k?

Wow, that’s rich! I prefer cabs to console and want A3 but your post wasn’t about me? Sure buddy. It was clearly directed towards A3/Arcade whiners, which, CERTAINLY includes me. But I’m done trying to break through the stupid barrier.

“You pussies?” “You’re group?” Maybe you didn’t go completely numb and you do realize that you are referring to myself and the likes of me. Those lines, in your reply to me, clearly define who you’ve been referring to. Nice try at trying to push conceit on my character. I’m willing to bet that many didn’t see through that simple nonsense. Bummer. It’s easy to see what you’re doing for anyone of intelligence paying attention. As if ego wasn’t your entire reasoning for starting this thread.

So, since I put up(since the beginning), I don’t need to shut up? Sounds good to me. I’ve been backing up what I say from the beginning. Ppl know this even if they don’t like me.

Don’t be sneaky. This whole thread is because you like to be dramatic:p Seriously though, ask those that have been around me the past few years. My drive for games has been gone for a loooong time. Which, in turn, gives me less to post about. I haven’t gone to any tourneys in the past year aside from a local one I entered to support tourneys here. Quite honestly, this is a strong reason for my A3 advocacy. Ppl play boring now, in the US. Again, take Watson’s turn to turtling in CvS2 for example. I can OCV peeps left and right with Vega on CvS2 if I play boring. It just doesn’t excite me. That’s night fighting, that’s surviving. A3 is the last SF that felt like a real fight. 3s does, somewhat, but there’s such an air of randomness, even at top levels, that I can only play that occassionally. I like precise, exciting, in your face fighting. While CvS2 and 3s can produce this, it only seems to happen when the Japanese play. I have no interest in practicing when folks don’t even want to fight. I end up turtling back and win or lose, the games are boring as all hell. Ask folks around here on 3s. I used to get in ppl’s face and just tap parries with no attack right in front of them. It got to the point where folks wouldn’t hit an attack if I was right there. I don’t wanna throw since a tech will separate us again but, that’s what ya gotta do. The US plays boring now. A3 is the last game the US played to fight and win at. CvS2 and 3s degenerate into simple safety and retreating. In A3, you can’t win without fighting. Even runaway Vega requires more thought than what I see nowadays. I don’t even like watching match vids anymore of “top players.” From what I understand, Choi is the only CvS2 player really worth watching nowadays. There just aren’t any vids of him up recently. Perhaps John would restore my faith. Hell, last time Valle was here he turtled like mad against Danny and I. I think that’s the first time that playing Valle wasn’t fun. I remember early on when I took him off a big streak at SHGL with Vega, he got off saying “ah! I see. You’re playing like that.” And NOW even Valle plays like that. VALLE! Really, A3 is the last game where top players looked and played like top players, to me. I think that if A3 makes a comeback, it may get players’ mental juices running and they’ll be more creative and break into the aggressive side of games like CvS2. As is, everyone is trying to be the best turtle REGARDLESS of the groove! Of course, again, I hear John is still a beast. Choi is my last line of hope for these newer games. A3, being out of the mix, takes a lot of the fighting out of the tournaments. If it keeps going this way, SF will be the tournament of pussies.

Honestly bro, I have no desire to play. Even last year, I had the opportunity to play K.O. and KSK everyday on 3s. I still wasn’t interested:( It’s the same this year. After Wilson’s post about who was showing to MWC, it sparked that little fire back up a bit.

But really Seth, I’ve probably finally outgrown SF. There’s really been no point in my playing for years without the actual fire burning to compete. Maybe enough ppl aren’t saying that I absolutely suck. I don’t know. A part of me really wishes that I wanted to play. That’s why I want A3 back. Once in awhile, I’ll get on it and realize why I had a passion for SF after the SF2 series. No passion, no reason for me to play. I’m sure you understand that. How can one play if one doesn’t care whether they win or lose? There’s no point aside from hanging out with homies. Which is the only reason I’ll be around at Evo. I want to see you guys. It’s like Harry Potter going back to Hogwarts!!! k, that was bad.

I’m bringing a camera this year and maybe a slam book for some memories cuz, it’s really all but dead in me. I wanna get a lot of pics for my photo album of SF players just for the memories.

Nope, I don’t expect anyone to read through all of that.


Is it true that if you combined four random Apoc posts you would have something the lenght of the Old Testament?

Anyway, I know exactly what you mean about outgrowing games Poc. I think I’m outgrowing video games, I rarely play anymore. But it’s weird because I DON’T WANT to outgrow them, I want to be the guy who gets really excited about “x” game coming out again. So yeah, I can relate.

The Karate Kid

Apoc, despite A3 not being at Evo, you should be happy that at least it was at one of the main 3 tourniments this year.

The game that I would like to see explode in popularity will probably never get beyond an unoffical side tourniment at any tourniment.

So be grateful that you have at least what you have.

Also if you want you can try to bring your own A3 board and a super gun or something to Evo and hold your own side tourniment. Chances are many of the top players from both USA and Japan will be there, and you have a chance to show all of these young wipper snappers how good A3 is. lol

Seriously though, you’re bound to not be the only person that really wants A3 at Evo, and chances are some other good players will be there anyway so you can at least get a couple good matches out of it at least, if not your own mini tourniment.