All that Jazz! - MvC3 Music Discussion

Now that MvC3 is on its way and has been confirmed to be Demoed this year at E3 what do you expect the music to be? Personally i like the music from MvC2 i thought it was catchy and different. would you want music of the same genre’ or give it something completely different for MvC3?

something new please capcom.

I’m goanna take you for a ride.

Like someone else mentioned a while ago (I think it was Elder GOD), I want the old style music to come back from, XMvSF MSHvSF and MvC. Would give it such a nostalgic value, would truely feel like the old days…


It would only make sense that they follow in TvC’s footsteps with techno. It seems to be a fitting choice for a VS game (although who’s to say what is) in my opinion. It sounds great too.

I’m gonna miss the jazzy, heroic-sounding music in MvC2.

Would love if everyone had their own theme and were usable like in SSF4, and maybe have original stage themes too.

MvC2 music sucked, period.

this kind of music needs to return


^THATS heroic

One of the first things the dev mentioned was that they wanted to have like 50+ pieces of music. I guess this means we’re getting character themes?

^That seems to be the plan.

To me MvC’s selection theme was more annoying than MvC2’s, which is baffling. But it’s all in opinion anyway; plenty of people like/dislike MvC2’s entire OST.

I think it was 100+

LvC2s music wasnt terrible on its own, it was just terrible paired with the game…like the random backgrounds, it made no sense and had nothing to do with either side.

im hyped to see what they come up with for 3

Yes, MvC2 music was terrible. The arcade is so loud that you can’t really hear the music and if you owned MvC2 for DC you probably used a custom mix or just muted the sound completely.

I liked Capcom games for having good music. Ken theme from MvsSF, Strider/Ryu/Gambit/MM/everyone in MvC1, even Rival Schools had great music and I’m not talking about just one track, Sunshine Roof/Justice Gate/Pacific/Hyo Boss Battle Theme on the alt disc for PS1 (orange steel tile floor stage, not illusion space)/etc, all of this was better than anything in MvC2. Even the none fighting games that Capcom made had good music, although Capcom’s quality has been greatly decreasing, I’m not willing to lower the standard they set with their games and I expect quality music from MvC3. Even the CvS series and 3S had acceptable tracks, step your game up Capcom.

Fuck that; MvC2 music was great but besides the character select I liked it. Like was mentioned the problem was it didn’t fit with the game at all.

That said, I’d take it over MvC1 OST anyday. Sorry, but that fucking character select screen was whack. Shit was annoying; we had a session at my college and the people behind us told us to mute it immediately. And I don’t blame em. The rest of the tracks were okay but the only one that stood out was Chun Li’s; overall bleh.

Still say the best OST was COTA; everything has been downhill since then…

The TvC1 techno shit was bland as hell especially seeing how it replaced the character themes in the first place

Mvc2 character select is legendary! I think every person i’ve even come to contact with still has that song stuck in thier head…

The music wasn’t too bad. kinda reminded of me of cowboy bebop. I hope they come out with more interesting music…im not really into playing a brand new game that has more capcom mega-man style music

I thought the MvC2 music was pretty good and relevant to its time. Also the backgrounds were just basic comic book settings, lighten up people.

Take me for a ride was retarded. We are talking about fighters and Super heroes. The music needs to be epic.

My vote:

[media=youtube]ZnAKUauvayc&feature=related[/media] - Nightwish: Planet Hell

[media=youtube]p6xaIPszwpo&feature=related[/media] - Nightwish: End of all hope

Replacing the themes did not make its music bland. Adding to that, some of the opinions of others are basically the exact opposite; but I can understand why one might not like its music. (What do you mean by TvC1? o_0)

Character themes from CGoH was bland as hell.

UAS OST rocks, especially Galactor Base theme.

Yeah, I liked UAS Theme’s. My personal fav were Les Vagas, The Dead Rising Mall theme, and Galactor Base, like Tech mentioned. I liked the CGOH tracks, too, but it didn’t hurt me that they were removed. Alex’s theme was boss, though.