All the daigo groupies at evo

you guys are on the verge of pathetic, from how i see it.

yesterday, i saw guys video taping him sitting down near the store (the only one that was open) and him eating his burrito.

the guy’s (or any of the japanese players) not an animals so let the guy eat in fuckin’ peace. dont video tape him like some paparazzi.

if you wanna’ talk with ‘em, talk. but dont actin’ like a douch and video tape his every movement.

fuckin’ dick ridin’ fruits.

LOL hahahahaha

Daigo = Michael Jackson of the SRK world. Woot.

Nothing wrong with him having fans, though it’s fucked up that he can’t eat a burrito in peace.

It’s the same as justin wong… the man cant walk to the pisser without having a camera on his asian ass.

Daigo is a beast, he’s not human :lol:

I overheard (i dont know if it’s true… i slept all afternoon) that Daigo got smacked down in CvS2… dont put all your faith in one guy… it’ll let you down =P

Yeah wtf, thats like shit that happens to madonna and shit…Diago plays street fighter? Who the fuck are these losers?

daigo is my lover

All these people fussing over how there’s so much daigo “groupies” are just jealous =\

I can just imagine the Daigo groupies videotaping him while hes in the bathroom. “OMG Look at Daigo as he flushes that shit down!”

Holy crap, imagine the phrases next time as someone watches Daigo play…
“Daigo, flush that shit down!!!” …hmm…that was not funny…

nah they fussin’ ‘cause it’s fuckin’ bitch shit.:rolleyes:

Poor Diago, I heard he has some condition that makes him uncomfortable in large crowds.

Hehehehe! HE WILL SNAP I TELL YOU! SNAP! He will rush you down with a hadoken in one hand and a burrito in another!

daigo is my hero…he kicked total ass in ST can’t wait 2 see him play the other games today…the man is really really humble…all the japanese players are…they always bow and say good luck…

while i see all the us players think they’re the shit and talk smack that total macho bullshit:lame:

No you bitch, he’s mine! :smiley:

Flush that shit down lol…:lol:

OUCH, for whoever this post is referring to…