All the Wesker Hate?

Why do all you guys hate on him so much I think he is one of the harder characters to use. One he isnt fast enough, and his combos require to well of timing. And lastly his mixups arent effective enough for competitive play. /Rant #Kappa

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Eh, I would say this is a pretty bad troll… It’s not even a little bit believable.

But I completely agree w/ locking it.

Troll as soon as I read the title!

I thought wesker was low tier? His glasses come off lol.

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Don’t put common stream monster emotes at the end of your lame troll posts. At least it would be somewhat believable then.

The Wesker hate is starting to get a little annoying to be honest though. It’s literally the only topic of conversation online these days, and the odd thing is that most of the hate is coming people I played against a ton in regular marvel, who should know how to fight him by now (they certainly did in regular marvel). Hell, a lot of the people I play against do know how to fight it out with Wesker in Ultimate, yet they still bitch about how egregious he is. When I run into newer folks, they tend to be a bit more laid back and actually enjoy fighting/watching Wesker in the lobby, while a lot of the people on my friends list from regular marvel are kind of annoying to play against now because all they do is bitch and moan about Wesker. I play him on point so they rarely have to face the stupidness that is XF lvl 4 Dark Wesker, but they still rail on that topic every single match. We get it, Wesker sucks, you’re a low tier hero, though you kind of lose the coolness of being a low tier hero if all you do is complain about losing to high tiers.

Ill keep this as nice as I possibly can as I can see this is a serious question. I’ve been using Wesker since vanilla. The character IMO is one of the easiest to use in the game. 1 button teleport’s after a single samurais edge or any of his QCF motions and your instantly back on the target. His QCF motions all do a considerable amount of chip… He has a substantial amount of life, even after the nerf’s he received. His walk speed, is kind of eh, but if your effective enough with all of his tools and knowledge of where his teleport’s will land you,…he is a VERY mobile character and very hard to lock down. His mixup’s alone are so easy to use, if you have a teammate with a projectile assist, simply teleporting behind your target before inputting the projectile assist is one of the easiest in the game. The one thing that I feel really hurt him in Ultimate, is the hang time after his OTG samurais edge, it takes a little more precise timing to combo off of it. All of this said,…he has his own level 1 X-Factor without his glasses on which makes him even more deadly. Overpowered or broken? I wouldn’t say Wesker is either of these,…but is he an unbelievably strong character. Hope this helps, feel free to troll.

I can’t be the only one that never considered Wesker a chip-dealer using his QCF specials?

I never said a chip dealer,…I said those specific moves, such as QCF > M…does a “considerable” amount of chip…not a “chip dealer” like Akumas hyper or Taskmaster.

No I know they do, I just thought it was a weird thing to focus on. If those moves are getting blocked, I feel like you’re more likely to be punished than generate suitable chip damage.

What needs to be said about Albert that hasn’t been said before?

Level 4 XF Wesker is ass. Plenty of characters can lame that shit out. Level 3 + assist is much better.

Once they patch Wesker plz don’t make dumb threads about whoever else is too easy. Thx.

i almost feel for it #DansGame

Very true man, more of a “oh hes down to 1% and I need to get through this block string, QCF >M for the kill” That type of thing. But you are very right, nothing you would wanna do while its being blocked,…cause you will get bodied.

This thread should be about me needing a new av, Sigma style.
Not trolling foolishness.