.:All Things Music Requests:


Basically I’m taking av requests of anything music related. Kinda got tired of using sprites.

I promise I’ll actually get the requests done this time.

Request Away




I knew it was only a matter of time before TG came around. sigh I shouldn’t have promised anything this time either.

Oh well, time to get to work!


Damn dude, thats pretty harsh.


If you can, make me a dark and gritty av that somehow involves Tool. Thanks.


i thought you werent going to take requests man i guess you couldnt resist any ways good luck i would request but i just got my current av done by orange so me no request


If your willing to do a Wallpaper request. I’d like a LinkinPark Wallpaper. And Put Chester (lead singer) AND/OR Mr. Hanh (DJ)

thansk DoOd :smiley:


@TG: nah, I love ya man.

@Nemesis00: You sure know how to hit my sweet spot. Be expecting it.

@ShiN-AkiRa: Hmm…I’m not really up to making a wallpaper, I’m only making one for TG cause I owe it to him from a long time ago. But I’ll gladly make something else for you.


@Nemesis00: I didn’t know whether you wanted your name on it or not.


Nice job man. Thanks a bunch.


you can request from him, if you’d like to.
you have my “go ahead.”


Where did he go this time?