All things PrOn (Stars, Movies, Rants, Reviews & Ducky's 5 star choices) Thread


It’s kinda wild too cause I randomly saw her last tweet a couple days ago saying “fuck ya’ll”… I was wondering what it was about. Then a day later I see an IG picture with her and the post saying R.I.P. Like… wow.

Only 23. Shame.


If any of you guys were into Yurizan Beltran, terrible news: She passed away from an overdose. R.I.P.


I swear to God, Death: if you even *look *at Jada Stevens or Jynx Maze the wrong way I’m smacking you out of those robes.



I guess “death comes in threes” ain’t a myth.


Apparently there’s a XXX parody of Fallout out, but it might be only 1 scene. And it’s VR.


@Truth100 posted:

is it homicide???


Pornstars dying younger than wrestlers. Shiettttt


Yo best vanilla pov right now is jeshbyjesh.

Dude has been killing it with vanilla scenes with teanna trump, brought back nicole aniston, amia miley, jessica lynn, jessa rhodes, adria

Dude has the best production for hdpov, and it’s just girls going pov

Also it’s an asian dude fucking. Keni styles and that nextdooramateur guy have successors


I need more Bugatti Bubblez…





Google this: mortal kombat xxx parody

Like MK characters coming to life!!!


I don’t trust myself…



In order for it to be a truly faithful adaptation, every orgasm has to be preceded by “finish her” and be an absolute gusher. I’d rather it be nothing but girl on girl but that shit ain’t happening, so can we at least get a few cheesy lines in there like “Your pussy is MINE!”


then she cums?

Think the following pic should be posted in here because there’s a boner…



Can anyone recommend me a porn star who has some nice natural tits and knows how to get her pussy eaten? Most of the sites I go to just have gross hetero shit with ugly dudes who can’t fuck.



We allowed to talk about gay porn too?

I have partied with Blake Mitchell and Casey Tanner at Pride. And I’m tumblr friends with Skyler Dallon. I knew him before he started doing porn.


It’s the porn thread. Doesn’t specify that it has to be hetero. Sure hope not, at least, or else what am I even doing here.


i came here looking for porn and all i found was suicides. :slightly_frowning_face: