All time favorite gimmick?

Online or offline, what’s your favorite gimmick?

Mine would have to be the ultimate XBL Lag makoto tactic. I played this Makoto who would knock me down, whiff a karakusa with the most awful timing ever so that he totally missed (on purpose) and then immediately random super. And it ALWAYS worked.

And who could forget jump over opponent, HP/EX shoryu?

Actually, Kokujin was famous for jumping, whiff attack, EX uppercut. Not sure if it’s really a gimmick, but it works shrug

What gets me the most is the Shoto sweep. It’s so awful, why do the japanese pros use it SO OFTEN? It makes no sense to me :expressionless:

^^ sweep is pretty bad n baffles me also, but its not really a gimmick unless your a newb who’s only other move is shoryuken. worst gimmick? oro’s stupid super orb (w\e the hell its called) crossup, too slow, or maybe twelve…in general.

neutral jump next to opponent to bait parry, throw upon landing.

UOH for the win.

jump, whiff early j.HK land karakusa
empy jump > SA2

because its totally safe at certain ranges in some matchups

that doesnt work all the time…ppl srk when your coming down sometimes

or better yet…what should be defined as a gimmick (something that works 100% of the time??)

A gimmick is something totally unreliable, and you shouldnt rely on it at all. Because it only works if your opponent is confused and doesnt know how to deal with it. Its not 100% lockdown and totally inescapable so the moment you start your gimmick there is no 100% confirmation that your gimmick is going to work.

Ibuki dashing back and forth on your wake up when you dont tech roll.

Ibuki going to the opposite side with her HK command dash after a standing HK launcher and doing a follow up. Either S.MK -> HCB+HP on the opposite side. Or sometimes she might do the launcher again and keep repeating it. So you blocking on the wrong side=you eating shit.

My personal favorite is anything with online Akuma. Like RH hurricane spam, go fuck yourselves.

short taunt with hugo into gigas breaker…hits more often than you’d think

well then neutral jumping for a bait parry isnt unreliable then… just wanted to clear that so i know i wasnt doing any gimmicks myself lol

my favorite gimmick is parrying on wakeup

if thats a gimmick blocking on wakeup is being a one trick pony

wtf did this kid just call a gimmick?i think you got mindgames and gimmicks mixed up…i mean how the fuck could you ever stand in front of a human opponent and ever say im 100% sure this button will not only connect…it will do so through block, space or time if necessary, like your apparently sayin all attacks which arent gimmicks should be able to accomplish. that is not the definition of a gimmick by that definition everything we do is a gimmick, seriously if your so sure play me online and we can work on your math skills at the same time. a gimmick is when you use SIMPLE moves and more than likely few of them repeatedly ftw. ive said it before there are no 100%s or 0%s in a fighter outside of shear stupidity( full screen)…but a shoryuken from across the screen has 0% chance of connecting! ya think but even then your opponent ken could ex hurricane kick super jump at you. odds are hardly in your favor, hardly 0% and if you think you’ve found something that is 100% which isnt broken on an infinite level, stop playing the cactus.

whoops I fucked up.

I’m just gonna do the Peter Griffin and walk out like nothing happened.

ROFL! and props for not trollin, major props

random dp ken

HO-RA! now where talkin

spamming ibuki’s forward-middle kick overhead.
so simple, so easy to avoid, yet people constantly try to block it low

With Urien: Opponent knocked down in the corner and you over top of them. Walk back and wait for them to whiff throw, then c.hp. This works so fucking much even against people who are somewhat decent at the game. There is a skill level that people reach where this never works, but there are probably more people below that level than above it.

Whiff tatsu then throw after a low forward blocked at max distance, with Ryu.