All Time Greatest Street Fighter Quotes:

What’s your fav street fighter quote from the comic, the anime or the game:

As I have a preference for the sf2 anime, Mine are:

T-Hawk: “You are a skilled warrior who has one many battles in your time, i seek glory and honour by defeating a warrior such as yourself!”

Gouken: “What do you see beyond your fist?”

Ken: “Buffalo or whatever your called your full of crap!”

Chun Li: “Vega is savage, ruthless and a card carrying psychopath.”

SF 2 Guile: “Go home and be a family man.”

Ken: Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!
Zangeif: Quit blocking my hits with your face!

Akuma…“I will cure you of a disease called life”

Cant touch that taunt.

From CVS2

Shin Akuma: I am the one with no name. I am Nothing and Everything.

x10 whenever he says it to Chun-Li.

Bison in the SF2 movie: “I’ll fight you on your own level!C’Mon!”

Akuma: “I am power made flesh. Feel how weak you truley are!”

From the Live-Action movie…
“Quick! Change the channel!”
“You got… paid?”

Chun-Li (to Cammy): "Pigtails?"
Cammy: “Look who’s talking…”

“For you, the day Bison graced your village, it was a defining moment in you life… For me, it was Tuesday.”
“Electromagnetism: It levitates bullet trains from Tokyo to Osaka… It levitates my iron saddle upon which I ride the world… and it levitates… me…”
“You came here expecting a madman… but instead you found a god…” (Shades of Gill?)

And last but not least, Guile Van Damme:
“Ah’m de reepomen… and yuur out of bizness”
“Bison, yer ahfff de err.”

And the coup de gras (this is the only line from the movie you ever need to hear:

“Gentelmen, I haff som news: We can all go home. Meanwhile… … … ideals like FREEdum and JHASTICE git bahxed up and put ewey, but we can all go home… Well, Ah’m nat going to go home… Ah’m going ahhpreeever andah’mgoingto KEEK dat sahnavabeesh Bison’s ass so HORD… … … dat da next Bison whannabe… izgonnafeelit… Now, who wants to go home… and who wants to go with ME?!

Ryu from SF II the game:

“You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance.”

I can’t remember the exact quote, but Akuma (Alpha 3) says something along the lines of “You are weak for not relying solely on your fists!”


Sagat: Master, give me a chance to prove myself against Ryu

Bison: Put such common place thoughts aside, the world is now your areana.


Bison: Sagat! I am losing paitence. My authority is absolute and I will not tolerate questioning… I hope that’s clear.

Akuma: “Your body assumed its proper form when my fists tore it apart.”

Various SF or SF-Related Games

Gen: “Anchient words of wisdom: ‘You suck’.”

Ryu: “So many I have fought, what was your name again?”

Chun-Li: “I am the strongest woman in this or any world!”

Sakura: “That was fun! Get up so I can smack you again!”

Sagat: “Accept your weakness, never return here again!”

Akuma: “…”

SF Animation titles

Chun-Li: “Hey, brush-head! This is not a request!!”

Bison: “Any man strong enought to beat the crap out of Sagat is a man I want found.”

Ken: “Hey, not bad if you’re planning to fight old ladies.”

Guile: “I can’t stand women who jabber on like parrots! Well, are you getting in or not?”

Dee Jay: “If you boys can’t appreciate my music then you better haul your sorry asses otta here!”

Vega: “My hobby is to slowly peel the skin off the rabbits I catch, especially cute little bunnys like you. And my friend here is thirsty for blood.”

Guile: "Bison!! I’m gonna rip your lousy heart out you filthy bastard!"
Bison: “I’m afraid I don’t have one.”

Chun-Li: "BISON!! You murdered…!"
Bison: *“Yes, yes, I know, I murdered your father. What is it with you women anyway?! I murdered my father too and you don’t see me crying about it!” * (The old USA cartoon series)

SF Comic

Vega: “I came here looking for Ryu, Japan’s finest martial artist, and all I find is a fat, diapered slob!”

…I’ll post some more another time. :tup:

Barlog: I’m the welcome wagon it’s nice to meet you friend.

Old man scientist: Even the highest ranking martial artists only rank 2000, it seems incomprehisble that he could rank over 3000.

Akuma: Were I walk, I walk alone. Were I fight I fight alone.

Bison: The fly begins to annoy the bull.

Fei Long: Nooot bad, or was it just luck? let’s see how you do against a fighter like me!

Fei Long: No! We’re not done yet. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING. GET READY!

see below

Not exactly from SF per se, but Sakura’s winquote from MvSF:

“I’d never date someone as weak as you!”

And BBCampbell wins everything by quoting the Van Damme movie. :rofl: :tup:

Blanka from SF II the game:

“Seeing you in action is a joke”

Fucking classic man. And the way his voice changes is the shit.

Sean:…you’re not Ryu…what’s with the ugly guy?

Two of my favourite quotes are from Ken in Second Impact:

“Why don’t you go back to playing driving simulators?”


“It’s losers like you that make this game boring.”


(From the comic) Vega to Guile: “How can you live with yourself, with hair like that?”

(From same issue’s backstory) Guile: “Sonic Boom!” Charlie: “You still need TWO hands to do that move?”

(From Alpha 3) Balrog: “If you fight me like that again, I’ll bite your ear off”

Ken: “I need a better workout. Where’s Eliza?” (Whoa dere)