All Time Greatest Street Fighter Quotes:

from the original SF, as quoted by EVERY character when you lose:

You have a lot to learn before you can beat me… try again kiddo!

From Marvel VS. Capcom:

Zangief: “I’d shake your hand, but your arms are over there,” and “Wow! You make me feel so powerful!”

Honda to Ryu:

“Us Japanese guys need to stick together. CAUSE WE’RE BROTHERS!!! GAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!”

I actually rolled on the floor when I heard that.

Some of these quotes are off the top of my head, so they might be a little wrong.

SF Anime:

Deejay when told Shadaloo was after him:
“Yahoo! They are some badass mothers, I am honored!”

DeeJay after he sees a psyborgs:
“Well I’ll be a mother fucker, what the hell is that thing, tin can on steroids?”

Vega to Chun-li in her appartment:
“My beautiful face is ruined. YOU BITCH I’LL MAKE YOU SUFFER

Guile when he first meets Chun-li:
“Move your cute little butt before I run it over”

Bison to Guile after beating the crap out of him:
“Are you ready to give me that heart transplant you mentioned”

Mohammed Ali

" Fight like a Gentleman, Live like a Gentleman. "

Q: (…die.)

Look below.(Its from SFA3)

Balrog, SF2: "My hands have your blood of them."
M.Biaon, SF2: "Get lose, you’re no match for my power."
Shin Akuma, SFA2: “I am power made flesh! Fell how weak you truly are!”

And Sean’s double take when he challenges Akuma thinking he’s Ryu in SF3:2i…
Sean: "Ryu! I’ve finally found y-- wait a minute! You’re not Ryu!"
Akuma: “…”

You claim to be the master of fists. The true path to mastery is much harder. Come, let us walk it together.


also by Oro…
If we went home right now, would anyone really care? Probably not.
:clap: :clap:

“You have fulfilled your purpose in life by allowing me to end it!”- Akuma, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Yeah, Supreme fathead- Guy Street Fighter Alpha 2

anyone have the exact quote guile says in a3 about handcuffs?
fav line:
gen to m bison:you are a big fool.
sodom:we are dogs in pain (in jap)

man I cant belive no one has said anything about these ones…

(not exact quotes but close enough)

sf2 movie

Bison"the day I killed your father was the most important day of your life. For me,… it was tuesday (shrug)"

Or what about “you came here to fight a mad man but you found A GAWD!”

sf2 anime movie

vega “you bitch ill make you suffeeeeeeeeeer” (i dunno short but i thought it was cool"

bison"well now arent you the big he-man. Now is the oppertuinty to see just how good your legendary fighting skills really are"

And on a closeing note, if anyone acctauly owns the SF2 anime movie, it might be a good idea to watch it with out sound and play with captions. Theres a lot of horrible mistakes

Any time ryu or ken to a hadoken, or shoryuken it says “shado kick!”

and tatsumaki senpuu kyaku is something like “tat kick!”

Theres more but thats all i can think of.

M. Bison after losing to Cammy in SFA3: How could I lose to a copy of myself?! I AM THE ORIGINAL!!

Guy to Cody: I do not like to interfere in the lives of others…everything should be left as it is, but I want to ask you one thing…Cody…WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?

E Honda: Now you have learned the true meaning of sumo! DOSUKOI!!

Evil Ryu: There is no place for the weak to exist!!

Another Zangief quote whenever I pull off an infinite combo on player 2: “Don’t call me cheap. Call me champ.” :smiley:


Vega: Handsome fighters never loose a battle
Sagat: Hatred spares no one!
Rose: Fate is fate, whether or not you choose it!
Juli/Juni: Mission Complete
Balrog: Good and evil mean nothing to me, only power means everything!

“Whether you are reckless or brave, choose the style that suits you best.”

  • Ken (SF Third Strike)

Take that top tier whores!

Chaotic Blue

SF animated movie:

M.Bison: “Evil is a good career choice, it has a lot to offer.”

“Hey blondie here’s a quarter, go buy your own moves”-Dan
"Are you man enough to fight with me?"-Guile
"Don’t worry, Everyone Loses to me"-Guy
"I saved a city, saved a girl, but couldn’t save myself"-Cody
"You have no dignity"-Dudley
"What made you think you could beat me?“Birdie
"I hope you brought a body bag”-Charlie

'i don’t want to fight here have a bun’
guy to ibuki in puzzle fighter ending soooooooooo owns joo!

something like that.

vandamne qoute guy funniest by far.