All videos moved to the new forum, Video Gallery!

go now!

do i get ban for posting clips in GD/FGD ? :stuck_out_tongue:

is there any chance of a separate subforum within the video gallery for non-fighting game related videos? right now they’re all mixed together and it’s kind of a mess :confused:

If it’s directly related to the thread in question(i.e. the existing game specific threads) then you’ll be fine.

If it’s a random combovid/whatever then you’ll get an infraction and your shit moved/deleted.

As for GD, ask GD mods.

So, this situation kinda sucks for people who spend forever making combo videos. Yeah it’s more organized and there’s less clutter in FGD, but nobody bothers checking that new video forum. As a compromise, would it be possible to move that main combo video announcement thread back to FGD? At least that way, people who are too lazy to check the video forum will still know when a new video comes out. If anyone tries to make a video thread in FGD, it could be moved to the video forum. And then everybody is happy, no?

Who mods the vid area? I got no problem with it, move it and I’ll resticky.

Why not move all the fighting game vid threads here?

Because I’m not gonna deal with all that traffic. The Vid Gallery is there for a reason, the only point to having Maj’s thread back here is for the ones too lazy to go to Vid Gallery and look. Outside of that thread and the Evo Premiere vid threads there will be no other FG vid threads on FGD unless it’s part of an existing game discussion thread.

This is only a stop-gap measure until we can better deal with issues in Vid Gallery.

i have put too much love into the matchvid thread:sad:

Um um um umph!