All you marvel heads... this is who you're gonna lose to in marvel

…mike ross

guitar skills and ironman skills… the world aint ready

Iron Illan’s Ironman is way better, way better, hands down. Close the thread. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

is this illan guy from ff? yeah hes im is prty dope too…

but has ever beaten david l in a james games tourney… and can he do guitar riffs like mike ross can… i think not my friend

I thought we were talking about Mike Ross? It’s okay if he hasn’t beaten David Lee, time will tell. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Mike Ross > xx

It’s not even about marvel, this all about this little game I call life.

Edit: no offense to your boy iron illan, but this is MIKE ROSS. Am I the only one watching this video? Once your boy can get his LG game up, then come test the Ross…

mike fucking ross, playing “theme of mitsu”

When is the wedding?

Witnessed it Live. To nice, Peace

Fucking Mike! hahaha dope shit.

Mike Hendrix.


hey mook, make ur own thread idolizing that dude, this one is already reserved for mike ross.

alright you marvel fanatics… i got another vid of ross aka the liberator


might as well accustom yourselves to the face of the future marvel champion

I’ll let everyone on a huge secret… Mike’s been losing the past evo’s ON PURPOSE it was no accident sandbagin to this very year.


Not again with this shit…

Every year it’s a new “hes gonna win marvel” and every year the person either doesn’t show up or gets raped.

Tell Mike Ross to come to ECC so he can tie for last.

Why would he need to go to ECC when he’s going to be winnin millions at EVO?

billions if he money matches in guitar hero.

Way to not get the joke.

:rofl: at that second vid.

You would get first place at EVO for Hating, thats all you do. HATE

If you wanna be him, then come and see him. DSP come to PSM so you can critique and hate on everyone on the BEST coast.

Go play magic the gathering.


Thank You all for the support. I love you all. I will be signing autographs for you at EVO, most definately. And taking pictures!